[article] Excuse for ‘Beautiful Man’ that has humiliating viewer ratings

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‘Beautiful Man’ – a different type of cute, sarcastic drama

In contrast to the poor ratings, KBS2TV’s BM is not such a boring drama. And it’s not childish as it may seem by its name BM. The drama’s leads Jang Keun Suk, IU or Lee Jang Woo, their acting is not unwatchable. No matter what, these young actors are incredible being able to act out the embarrassing roles so naturally.

Maybe in comparison to the recently ended The Heirs, BM has more storyline to it, more funny. But why are BM’s ratings insultingly the lowest amongst TV dramas this year? Was this result expected? For some viewers, BM is very funny, very nerve-racking. On the other hand, many viewers find it boring, childish, the lead actors’ acting a bit embarrassing, a drama completely without storyline.

For me, however, I was soon into BM that showed various designed lines and settings from the 1st episode. For example, in the 1st episode, Dokgo Mate (JKS) said sincerely in his heart “the first time I arrived at Seoul, somebody said to me, when pretty boys are born, must send them to Gangnam or Cheong-tam-dong.” I like it. The lines between Kim Botong (IU) & with her brother were also funny. “If you can only have two types of body, one is Kim Jung Guk & another is Kang Dong-Won, whose body do you want?” “Man must be Kim Jung Guk!” “Why? Of course, you have to choose Kang Dong-Won, stupid!” “Stupid?” “Yes, stupid!” Apart from these, when Botong went to the supermarket, she dreamed of swimming in Dokgo Mate’s shoulder blade, hid her eyes with her hands when she saw the raw chickens which appeared unsightly. These were ‘ridiculous & funny’. Yes, you can say BM is a drama for those who love ‘ridiculous & funny’.
But BM is not a drama without storyline. If you see just the framework of BM, it’s a story that Dokgo Mate who lives his life, trusting only his face steals women’s hearts. Of course, it’s not like a Casanova-style story that was popular in the past in erotic comics. To the contrary, Dokgo Mate learnt about life, while stealing women’s hearts. About money, reading people’s minds, skills in making use of connections, etc. Through these, it shows how Dokgo Mate, a pretty boy who once believed in only using his pretty face, eventually became a true beautiful man.

Furthermore, there’s Kim Botong, a female lead, who’s always by Dokgo Mate’s side, always look at him only and will do anything for him if only he will marry her. Like a senior high school girl chasing after stars, Kim Botong was ordinary on the outside but unique & cute. In the early part of the drama where Kim Botong wore white socks, selling socks & fighting with the police, that scene was the best.

Apart from these, there are various types of women whom you won’t normally see in dramas appear in BM several times. For example, Electric Fairy (Kim Ye Won) can make predictions every time monkey toys strike cymbals. This role (Electric Fairy) is more in-depth than any characters in other dramas. Another woman, Jaek Hee who is worldly but innocent about love (So Yoo Jin) is also rarely seen except for this type of drama. Also, the farewell phrase she said to Dokgo Mate whom she proposed to does not always appear, very impressive: “I love Mate more than my life, but I don’t love you more than money. Let’s part our ways.”
Given more attention, one can feel BM is a kind of cute but sarcastic drama for other ‘beautiful’ dramas that only show ‘beautiful world’ and ‘beautiful love’. But regrettably, a lot of people hope to see sweetness and sincerity in dramas, not irony. But this reflects that in order for this TV drama to be successful, it must be beautiful, regardless, everything must be beautiful or naturally beautiful.

It doesn’t mean there was not similar type of drama to BM before. In 2007, MBC’s ‘Meili Daegu’s attack’ was similar type. The ratings for this TV drama were not good. But the famous lines in this drama still appear even now: “My dream is like a bad tooth. Having it is painful, and removing it is also painful.”

For viewers who like BM that succeeded the similar taste from drama ‘Meili Daegu’s attack’, the viewer rating is still like a bad tooth too. Disregard the ratings, as long as you feel the atmosphere of BM, then you’ll see BM is not just a ‘beautiful’ drama, but ‘more beautiful and enjoyable’ one.

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  1. the world is changing – the weather especially – no one can tell when it will end so why can’t people just relax and enjoy a good drama with beautiful faces, good acting skill, fun and funny dialogue – especially Korean, have fun and be bold, don’t just go for good and proper things, is BORING, you only have ONE LIFE!!!

    i LOVE Sukkie, because he DARES TO CHALLENGE THE WORLD, fighting love

    • People are very strange beings. What they do not understand, do not accept. To accept something different requires an open mind. To have an open mind must have a free spirit and not everyone is blessed with that. Beautiful Man and JKS are really something special and different. Who is not willing to accept this fact has only to lose.

      • I agree with you, Adriana. Now I recall my college lesson few years ago: resistance to change. This is what happened to Koreans now. If the change is for improvement, y not? You’re right, the ones who are too stubborn to give BM a try, loses a rare opportunity to watch such unique drama

  2. I’m glad that finally there are people who get this fact straight anyway… Beautiful Man (Bel Ami) not that cliché drama that everything has to be beautiful but with no storyline or also cliché & predictable storyline from the start. Beautiful Man (Bel Ami) has more than just pretty face. It has wisdom for our everyday life..although it is delivered to us through satirical humor and hilarious lines from the cast. Don’t prejudge it before you personally takes your time to watch it. Keep watching it with open mind. You never know what will come in store for you through watching it. Keep fighting JKS & Beautiful Man’s cast, we are always with you. You guys have done a great job! Zikzin!!

  3. To all the hardworking staff and actors of this drama, and to our dearest Sukkie, please have faith in your project and do not ever think that you are not successful. We love this drama despite the poor ratings!! Even this article can objectively say that Bel Ami is worth watching!! We will support this drama all the way till the perfect ending! zikzin! thanks for sharing this!

  4. well all i can say is really feel bad for all the actors and staff who work so hard in this drama to get such a crappy ratings?!! i mean their is a lot of good comment about the drama . but i’m really shocked by how it get only 2% of rating only ??!! like this is a so humiliating for JGS , IU ,LJW who are amazing actors ?!! i was really angry at the start but now i don’t care , i just enjoy every single ep and watch it like a 100 times . so hell with them . i saw alot of crappy drama and had good rating , and i thought PM was jgs second best drama to be honest , its really unique , but what can we do , i think sukkie will not act again for a very long time and if he dose its better that his drama is on cable station . and I hear alot of people saying that it was a bad choice for IU to be in this drama with jgs and it will hurt her career so much …etc so idon’t know what to say anymore cuz i’m just so sad cuz that drama could put JGS out of acting for along time 🙁

    • Randa, I bet those who claimed that IU made wrong decision by joining BM, must be Koreans or shallow people who judge a drama by the ratings and never even bother to watch BM. so let them be. In fact, I recognize IU’s acting talent via BM and this is a good choice for her to showcase it. I know you are a JKS’ hadrcore fan, and so do I. So let’s enjoy BM as only smart Koreans (media and critics) enjoy it too.

      • Jessica, only smart Koreans or viewers can appreciate BM…. lol! I agree to that as these viewers don’t follow the TV rating and base on their own judgement & feeling to enjoy the drama.. I remember when I first watch YAB few years back.. I have not idea of TV rating in Korea but I love the drama so much as I can even watch the unsubbed version over YT and follow through even I don’t understand what they’re saying.. just love the HTK role so much and the unusual expression of the actor playing this role.. despite I find him funny looking with eyeliner.. but I just love to see him each ep.. never have this feeling for any actor after watching so many Korean/Taiwanese/Japanese/HK dramas.. no matter how handsome the actor..but that funny looking actor just caught my attention! I told my sis.. this drama YAB is going to be super popular and the lead actor will become very popular base on my feeling… true enough the drama becomes so popular even few years later.. many new fans even today..
        BM will be one like YAB.. reason is this drama has super acting from Jang Kuen Suk and I’ve love the acting of all other actor/actress too.. the storyline is good for a 16 ep drama and every ep, we can relax and laugh with the cute characters.. I feel also that viewers who watch BM enjoys laughters and with humor too ^_^

      • QQeyes007, I love your comment. For me, ratings = Koreans’ preference. So if I like one drama, that’s my preference. Why should I go with majority’s preference? I know what I want and what I like. I am not a robot to follow others’ preference. LOL. I am an eel, so I will also think like my prince.

        All eels will watch BM. Those non-eels who want to give BM a chance are smart, yet strong-minded (not manipulated by bashing articles such as allkpop who only post nice stuff about their bias celebrities, and ratings), objective, fair, and dare to be different. Once they watch it, they will like it and continue watching it, as long as they are unbiased.

  5. Thank you for sharing,

    since the pilot ep, media and critics do appreciate and love Bel Ami in contrast with native viewers response. Hope they will catch soon what they have missed.

    Whatever it is, to Sukkie, other casts, group 8, cartoon writer, drama writer, crew and KBS, keep the great work.

    6 eps to go, wow fast. And we have 5 women left.

  6. However, we have to deliver thought, words, and act as the response in positive way in regards to every negative critics. His country men is his. Please show support.

  7. JKS will be 27 yrs old next year and in 1-2 years time he will be going to Army. By 2014 or 2015′ his acting career cannot made it, after the Army people will not remember him anymore. So I think he and his co must really need to do something about it.

    • JJ, I beg to disagree. I am being positive. People will remember him through his past works, cfs, posters, or radio. I am sure eels, media, and even netizens or K-ent addicts are looking forward for his ‘transformation’ right before and after his enlistment days.

      I am sure you know, Sukkie is a magnet. I personally dont care for people that I dont like. but, People say they hate him, but still they keep ranting and talking about what he does. So what this phenomenon is called?

      what I am thinking now is what will happen with Tree J once he got the army duty. Does Tree J have other artists than Sukkie?

      Thank you

      • JJ, if the koreans have amnesia of forgetting who JKS is after he enlisted in the army, the whole world will miss and long for his return. So those who have amnesia, let them be, even now their hatred towards JKS has never affected his popularity. They have been hating him since 4 or 5 years ago calling him hosea, even after he clarified eveything in Knee Drop Guru reality show, they are still in denial stage, sort of never want to admit that they have misunderstood a wonderful man. But the fact is that, besides their hatred, he even becomes the leading star in hallyu wave overseas. He is loved by the whole world. Proof? the never ending buffet and snack bars contributed by international fans.

    • “after the Army people will not remember him anymore” I beg to disagree. And I agree with rham & jessica. Jessica mentioned the meal relay that is going on now & it never ends, the outpouring of love & support from fans all over the world. I have never seen like this before, have you known any actor that received like this support from fans? No only Jang Keun Suk so far. Jang Keun Suk knows very well the status of himself, he’s the one who knows best how korean entertainment works – he’s been in the business for more than 20 years now. Jang Keun Suk is undeniably one of the best actors, with that + the longevity, tenacity (staying power)inspite of all the failings – K-entertainment industry would surely think twice to just drop or ignore him. Not that he cannot afford to retire after MS, he’s rich enough to do that. But we all know him to be always so hardworking so that is an impossible scenario.

      When he said that Bel Ami would be his last rom-com, then it excites me to think what could be the role he would be looking for his next project. I can’t wait for that transformation Sukkie taking more matured, serious role – this time as a husband in a melo-drama, or like a korean version of twilight, him being a vampire run away with his human lover, tragically they have to separate then later they met again, saw her with a child that he had no idea is his child after all. Ahhh sorry I can’t help but think of this possibilities of a role for him lol. So eels what other role you are imagining for Sukkie after his military? Or when he reached 30+ years already? Just asking…he he he…

      • we know him as an actor but we love him as he is.pretty face can easily forget but pretty heart will always stay.once an eel always an eel.i believe so.

        yes..i cant wait for his next project..drama or movie..really eager to know what kind of genre he will choose. the same with his singing career. what kind of album he will do next?

    • JJ, actually on the contrary.. eels don’t change heart easily especially those who have seen him in real life via concert.. many of the eels I know are already planning to take a good 2 years break and will wait for him to return after his army ^_^ Because of the long break, we will miss him more and welcoming his return… I never worry about him going to army as many artiste have gone to army and some actor has even got more fans after returning.

    • I doubt that will be the case…Even if they want to forget the name Jang Keun Suk; …it will be a really hard one to forget. Whether you love him, hate him or love to hate him(even hate to love him)one fact is beyond discussion nobody can ignore him..
      Guess a lot of people see him as treat…fans from others coming in blogs and sites just to bash him…they do have time to spare from their own bias…and that is a big thing for I as an eel really really have no time to watch any other artist but Jang Keun Suk..am I a idiot..maybe but I know a good thing when I see it..and that is enough for me..

      Acting is not the only thing Sukkie does well..
      He is actor, singer, songwriter, composer, DJ, Showhost, entertainer, Radio DJ, Director, designer, promotor, organisor and businessman to name a few…and If I’m not wrong he maybe in scriptwriting too…

      Maybe his “playing young” acting career will be over after duty served but since he is a actor with substance he will make it any wich way…and I’m sure after his army days are over he wants to take it more easy and start family life..and do lots of other things he dreams about..I just hope he keeps sharing..(lesson learn from BM; a man must have substance; can’t live from a beautiful face alone for it will not last..)

      I like how they put it…”My dream is like a bad tooth”..
      I’m sure the audience that is resembling the ratings in Korea…are not ready for this kind of drama…it’s too confronting..the sarcasme of real life…
      Talking about sarcasme…Since I saw the scene with the fairy with those monkey’s at the back…I someshow came to compare the core of K-wave with that scene…they are perfectly tuned and in sync but all do the same; robotic, scripted, no soul; no personality and when one plays up it’s told to shut up…Sorry if I offended anyone…it’s not my intent but just sharing my a vision..

      I knew Sukkie made a very good choice…I never doubted that and I slowly understand why…he wanted to show the sarcasme of life in real(Korea) and in this case his life is almost like the drama…as he sings “just like a movie” …but this is reality..
      This was never ment as his “comeback” (the korean’s like to call everything a comeback…even if you just went to the john lol…which is just a b’ness strategy for most) It somehow feels like a momentary goodbye from acting…he wants to tell/show us how he grew up learning the same lessons like Dokgo Mate. How he became what we eels know as JKS beautiful inside out…and he acts it all out in BM…only the blind can denied he’s a good and versatile actor…
      Did he wanted the acknowledgement from his countrymen…ofcourse, he’s entitled to that.. if others who are nothing better than him gets it why doesn’t he..it’s a normal longing..for this very proud Korean young man..
      As no other this young man knew from young there is a price to be paid for being sincere and upright and straightforward…
      Leave me as a non Korean very resentful toward his countrymen..

      He knew already the ratings would be against them.
      That’s why he said to his eels not to worried about the ratings but to enjoy the drama because he knew he made a good choice..and we learn that after every episode…
      Beautiful Man, Pretty Boy or Bel Ami…is such a good drama; it has such substance just watching it once is not enough.

      Beautiful man is a much talk about drama not only by eels but also by the media which btw are mostly (very) positive and pleasantly surprised..but even more important than the ratings, (which are only remembling ???? ahhh a small group Korean’s? ) the commercial values…just like LR will Beautiful Man be a hugh financial succes after all???..that is the BIG question and we will find out soon enough
      (To sad to hear they could not even got a sportscar sponsored for this drama so he used his own…but that makes him more Daebak in my eyes)

      • @Mamacri: Quoting you: “lesson learn from BM: a man must have substance; can’t live from a beautiful face alone for it will not last” –> YES! 🙂

      • cheer up mamacri, about the sportcar I notice that BMW is included in the ads at the end of the episodes. Which is not a bad decision for BMW a lot will be watching this drama online for many years to come.

      • Mamacri….Bravo!!! You have said it all that most eels wanted to say and express our feelings, but couldn’t becoz of language barrier. Love reading all your comments.

        Thank you so much for always sharing your thoughts and feelings with us..!!1

        Yeapppp….Beautiful Man is such a beautiful UNIQUE little drama….which I will never forget about it..!!!

      • Mamacri, woahh you pointed out what we eels feel about our Sukkie.. He will never be forgotten, don’t you worry. 2 years can end up like a blink of our eyes. Soon enough we will find ourselves chasing him again..kkkk Our master’s is like a bullet train… We must prepared ourselves well so that we will not panting and leave behind…;p

        JJ, don’t you worry about it. Once an eel, always an eel. We love him not only for his pretty face, we love him for who he really is as a human being. Once he touched our heart, the impact would still be there no matter how time flies… If any eels decide to be kabayaki, they will come back soon. JKS has something that any other artist don’t possesed inK-Entertainment world: his honesty & his life principles. This fine quality of him is well loved by eels. So he can never be replaced.

    • @JJ: I know that I will be one of those patiently waiting for him when he has to serve in the army for those 21/ 24 months ;). Anyway, we have seen other actors/ stars/ idols successfully completed their service without being neglected by the fans… and this is JANG KEUN SUK we are talking about here… a star with one of the MOST LOYAL & STRONGEST fanbases ever, i.e. eels all over the world. No worries… we won’t simply leave him for other new stars :).

      @Rham: we know that Suk’s a careful planner. I think when he decides to enlist, he’s got some plans already including the future of TreeJ. We don’t know yet though since the enlistment for next year is also still a rumour. Suk & TreeJ haven’t announced anything officially yet, rite? We just speculate since he’s reaching the age when normally all stars go to serve 🙂

      @kristin_ez: I would love to see him doing an action movie… a movie or two since the last one was YMP in 2011 :p. He’s played a murder suspect and also starred in a horror movie, so… maybe not those two genres anymore. AH! I would like to see him playing ‘an ordinary man’ or even a very challenging character with special needs such as “Sam” (Sean Penn) in “I am Sam”. I know he will nail those characters as well and would be a very pleasant experience to watch him acting those characters.

      @QQeyes007: couldn’t agree more with you, sis. he’ll be fine and we eels will be fine, too 🙂

    • JJ,

      I always read your comments in this Blog, and I have agreed to some of your points and opinions…….and also NOT agree to some of your points…but I didn’t say any to you directly…because I respect people’s freedom of speech….if being voice in reasonable and objective point of views…..NOT just bashing comments…lolll…) And I always thankful to you for showing support (or even concern) to Jang Keun Suk in your own ways.

      In FACT…… we, ECI members, are current discussing how DARK the ShowBiz world can be, what we seem and believe in is NOT always the truth. Many people or Artists lost their souls and become corrupted in this greedy Dogs eat Dogs World..!!! Only the strong person can survive….for how long.? Only time will tell..!!!

      Please don’t worry about Jang Keun Suk’s career NOW or after military service. If Jang Keun Suk, himself, decide to continue being an ACTOR or entertainer, he will be just FINE, because there will always a market place for him in this Show Biz world. I have NO doubt about that..!! Of course, unless, he says GOOD Bye to the ShowBiz all together. As a loyal fan, I truly don’t want to see that happen, I want to enjoy his God-given talents for being an ACTOR and entertainer for long long time.

      I understand to some extent that if any ARTISTEs don’t have real BIG company support them…….they will never have LONG career in the ShowBiz World. As we, K-lovers, all should learn by now, in Korea, many Artists are under protection including of Big Companies, and those companies dictated the rules and how their STARs should behave, s speaking their minds. So I do, sometimes, worry about Jang Keun Suk, because he is totally “alone” fighting against the ShowBiz system and those BIG powerful companies. Pretty much, if those Big companies wanted to crush Jang Keun Suk, he will sure suffer HARD time with his career. People, do see the picture here ….why Jang Keun Suk’s career is so sad and not favoring much his homeland..?? But…………Thank you to the mighty Lord, Jang Keun Suk is still a living proof that he is BIG and famous on his own way, with his small little company……because he has such a strong fans-base inside (even it might be small in numbers….but these Koreans are very brave people who show strong characters person to go again the norm to support Jang Keun Suk, in many ways we all can witnessed that….if you follow JKS seriously and long enough….) and his fans-base outside (international eels) of Korea are NO joke…..Japan, China and other part of the worlds. To this fact alone, Jang Keun Suk can still withstand the pressure and dirty plays the ShowBiz treat him..!!!

      Jang Keun Suk, bad or good boy, is a TREND setter, a TALK of the town in K-BizWord, even those people don’t like him, some even said HATE him (…why HATE someone who never do anything to you…for this reason only, I would never understand people’s behaviors….)…… they are all aware of him!!! kkkkk

      Jang Keun Suk, Why…. he is abnormally being treated so unfair and being mockery in Korea.? Why…..he has always received un-precedent unreasonable bashing and hateful comments from many people..? My own answers……I believe those people don’t know the REAL Jang Keun Suk. If these people care to learn more and know more as who is JKS really…..they would ADMIRE him and respect him…. I have absolutely faith in that belief. But unfortunately, those people only believe and judge Jang Keun Suk based on what they read on News, which most of time, not a good news much. The fact always being known, many people commented they don’t like Jang Keun Suk because of his outspoken honesty speeches, do as I want attitude, care-free and arrogant bad boy images.

      You know what… those are same qualities, millions of his fans love him for…… because Jang Keun Suk is showing the REAL him and being who he is…. You can get what you see in JKS. The problem is ……. Many people just can not or don’t know how to handle Jang Keun Suk’s cabre or personality……. Most of them choose to attack methods to express their feelings and thoughts. Many people would wonder and become so frustrated why……someone like Jang Keun Suk, who is not showing Goody two shoes, like many other STARs, gained so my devotion and love from his fans.

      I meant JKS really really gained the true loyal hearts from his fans, who are always really to protect him, defend when needed, support and cheer him up, espeically when he is falling.. EEls love him more when he is at his LOW stage…when people step all over him, blaming him for this and that…never ending complaint….aigooo..!!!

      Yeap……I agree another STARs have such fans too…..but how many other STARs would receive constantly love and support like Jang Keun Suk’s fans show to him and the World. The continuing FOOD support service is just ONE example of how JKS’s fans support him……there are so many Charity projects and events all done in honor of Jang Keun Suk name by many FansClub around the World…!!! Why would fans do that to a foreign STAR……….simple words….. because of Bond, Loyalty and LOVE..!!!!

      • Kailey, I agree with you that Korean eels are the bravest fan base in the world. Koreans hate JKS, and it’s the easiest way to follow the majority, rite? But they choose to be persistently loyal to him. We, international eels, feel heartache reading bashing comments for JKS. Can we imagine how Korean eels feel as they live in Korea, the place where all this bashing derived from?

        And for all international eels, they are daebak, as they don’t abandon him when BM rating is poor and switch to other Koreans’ darling star in order to join the majority. They even want to show Koreans that they all love him and Korea is the only place in the world where JKS is disliked. JKS, you have the world in your hand.

      • I agree with everything you said. No I do not understand why some Koreans hate JKS.
        To hate a person = one’s wearing a feeling of enmity, to manifest distaste for someone or Something
        Why enmity? I do not think it harmed someone. Perhaps only himself.
        These are harsh words, that hurt.
        Koreans do not give due importance to the fact that a person like JKS world hears Korea. He is a true ambassador. I knew from Korea in the books of geography but after I discovered JKS, out of curiosity I discovered more about the beauty of this country, its culture and traditions. It is a great pity and a great shame that it does not think about anybody. Such people as JKS lead their country name in the world, especially when is proud that it is Korean.How about the fact that JKS will be looking after you leave the military, it is impossible. He did important things that can not be permanently deleted. He has a career 20 years back, done with hard work, can not disappear like smoke. Those who think in this way they’re not real fans. It’s like saying that your friend or brother left the army and the world has forgotten about him. That is impossible. However, because of the fans he can always remain in the world’s attention and in the hearts of all who love him.

  8. For me this article is not well-written!
    If you read it carefully it becomes clear that the author has watched only the first 2 episodes. We all know how the things developed from back then!
    So don’t pay attention!
    When the drama ends, it will start in another 10 countries and the discussions will continue for many many months beacause it is really interesting and make people think!
    The ratings do not sell dramas abroad – only Sukki!
    I think in japan already is a success, what do you think, Tenshi?

    • @Rossiyn: I’m taking this article rather positively even if it’s only based on several episodes (until 5, I guess, since the author mentioned about ‘using connection’, and the Queen of Connection Kim In Joong appeared in this episode). The overall impression given by this article is that BM is a drama which is not typical and it is indeed a good drama to enjoy despite of the rating. She used the term ‘insulting’ because the rating doesn’t reflect the appreciation this drama should have been given :). I couldn’t agree more with her/ him that this drama is ” more beautiful and enjoyable”.

    • Rossyin, if the reporter really only watch BM up to episode 2, and he/she already wrote this wonderful review. Then can we imagine how much more wonderful his/her next review will be if he/she watches until episode 10? BM fighting!

  9. why the rating is that important, who like the drama should watch it, who doesn’t shouldn’t. the heirs was highly rated but i didn’t enjoy it.
    we should watch the drama not the rating

  10. Indeed this is really a good article! I am pretty surprised that the source of this article actually came from a Korean site! Glad there are some of them that still appreciates our AP and are verbal about his and the drama’s good side without expecting anything in return. 🙂

    With that I want to clarify things about my surprise by sharing you what I’ve learned about our JKS from the conversation I had with a Korean eel, also a Cri J 4 member. I’ve realized and learned something about his status in Korea that most of us may not or ady know and aware of. We’ve also talked about the ratings, how the drama is, news about him and JKS’ struggle in Korea.

    They were also sad about the ratings so I was curious and asked if JKS’ really being hated in Korea and why he gets that kind of rating. And he strongly answered “not that”. It’s kind of hard to explain Korea’s culture (which I didn’t dig in to and didn’t ask him to elaborate either) but he said Koreans are so conservative. Some don’t understand his vulgarity, of how he expresses himself being honest and his way of showing off his real character. In short, they’re not used to it. People are used to and expect the celebrities to become humble and quiet. But despite those reasons, the matter about his popularity is opposite to what we know about him in Korea. he’s BIG! No questions about how big his popularity is and he’s kind of trend in Korea. And Korean people know he has so much talents for them to accept him. He even said that right now, 2 of the popular artists in Korea are now trying to copy JKS’ style. He just heard that one of them always asks his stylist about JKS a lot and tries to copy his style. I couldn’t agree more to him at first as I know I was chatting with an eel. He maybe speaking bias but I gave him the benefit of the doubt as the conversation went on.

    He said, his dramas like Love Rain and Pretty Man are not sort of Korean people’s taste. They’re not into lite kind of dramas nowadays. Korean people now seem to like something sensational and shocking stories. And once Korean people have their stereotypes, they rarely change their minds.. He also said “he has acted ever since he was very young and Korean people don’t accept him as an adult.” – which i reacted to this like what? Who do they want JKS to become? Peter Pan?? But he prolly meant about him being loved most when he was young as he was humble and quiet then, compare today that he’s an adult but is kind of bold and frank)

    They blame it more on KBS and Korean media. They are so mad at KBS changing scripts and everything in each episodes. He said the drama was totally changed in a very bad way and was different from the manhwa, especially episode 9 (i wasn’t able to ask him about what the real story should’ve been on ep. 9 though but I personally like ep. 9). And it’s all KBS’ doing. Big networks know how big his popularity is overseas and KBS is one of those that only uses JKS to gain as much as big money they can with his name value and doing terrible things. Which is kind of given to me ady. We know how nasty showbiz is. It’s all about the money, regardless of which network the drama falls into. JKS gains from it too anyway.

    Ent companies know how he is loved most by foreigns so much and that’s why envy and jealousy arise. Big Ent companies are so afraid of him being famous. Much more when he established his own small Ent company. He is very successful in Japan to which of course they don’t like either. He’s a threat! And as to why we don’t see that much of good articles about him in Korean news and mostly bad things about him only? It’s because of “bribe”. Ent companies bribe to reporters and press companies to write good articles about their celebrities to which JKS hates to do. They don’t write good but always bad articles about him as a threat to him which makes people think about him not that good! This is why he’s well known and most loved overseas. His name is all over english written sites, newspapers, magazines and everywhere, which they hardly ever see in Korea.

    There was also an instance about him being offered by one of the big Ent companies to join but he refused its offers as he wanted to do what he wants. After that incident, he couldn’t appear on TV for a while. So he went to Japan. Heck, whatever they have done to him will surely get back to them!

    Also before the drama was aired, he said that some press companies asked AP some money to write good articles about him but he refused to do so. It was prolly the reason why we haven’t seen much of advertisements and noticed KBS’ lack of campaigns about the drama. Thanks to Chinese eels who made effort campaigining the drama through push carts in supermarkets. Also that’s when the bad news came out too about his scandal with the Chinese girl. One example he said is that they didn’t see any article written in Korea about him reaching 15M followers on Weibo, but some celebrities had a lot of it written by different press companies reaching the numbers of followers (less than what he got) a month ago. That’s because he didn’t ask any press companies to make some noise over his good news. He did it himself through his Weibo update. JKS of course being the CEO of his own Ent company knows how to spread news without having anyone to bribe and we all have witnessed its success! With that I felt so proud of him. Indeed not everything revolves around money.

    So my own conclusion as to what it all boils down to? Is not him showing off his true self to people. It’s not everything about the Korean viewers either. They may sort of part of it but its more on his enemies in showbiz’ nasty doings who envy him and are jealous of him. What can he do if those big Ent companies and press companies do something against him? He only has his own small company and he just does what he wants to do. Now I understand what this comment in threads and articles means, “he is fighting alone.” But he has us! We know how cruel life is to him and nobody can protect him except us eels and himself. If Korean media won’t do any good for him without a bribe, then he has us who are more than willing to give what we have totally free!

    Last, eventhough they hardly see good articles about him in Korea due to those reasons, his popularity is still big. I also brag about him of english blogs that write good articles about JKS like jksforever, soompi, dramafever and TEF. He asked me to send him the links and he will send them to Tree J. I’m note sure why because JKS and Tree J staff may possibly ady know about those english written blogs right? I guess he doesn’t visit english blog sites despite his good english and is not aware about those blogs. Or they’re maybe more focused in Korean world. Or those articles he needs are prolly to lift their spirits up. For that, I’ll be more than willing to share those with him. ^^

    We may not know how he feels right now with this effin rating. And yes this may have hurt his pride. But whatever happens, he has to keep going and we have to keep going, support him however we can. I know that this world he faces will continue to go on and won’t stop from pulling him down but I know he has us who will always lift and push him up. Thanks for always being there eels! 🙂

    • Well said my abie_chan… Asia Prince, if you listen to these words, know that we’re standing tall. Caused it’s us against the world. You and eels against them all…;-) Eels sisters, keep fighting! Zikzin!!

    • Thanks for sharing this, abie_chan. I’m sick of all the people saying ‘JKS is hated in Korea’ or ‘Koreans hate JKS’ like they knew everything when some of his work didn’t get much appreciation domestically. It’s good to know from the INSIDER (read: Korean) that it’s not IT. JKS that we know is somebod who loves his country so much and we’ve come to learn also from articles posted in this blog that Korean Media also start praising him fairly because of his talents (not because of some ‘dirty’ work i.e. Bribery). Being his eels is never easy, quoting one eel sister’s statement: eels need a strong heart. Indeed… We need to have a strong heart because we are supporting a star with a strong heart. Keep zikzining, Prince and eels! Good things will come to good people :)! Don’t let bad things & badmouthed people bring us down 🙂

    • Thanks abie_chan. I keep on thinking everything about this rating game are just manipulations at times. I’m sure Sukkie is a great threat to other actors specially to those who are almost same age with him. And to be able to rise and hurdle amidst all these obstacles and going against these big Ent companies and made it through, Sukkie becomes a major threat to them. Honestly, I never doubted nor scared what some media people are feeding to us. I believe what this kid can do beyond the others seemed picture by Korean media as more solid and popular. I believe the kind of supporter all over the world that Sukkie has: They are not just fangirling people, but they are people of substance and people who have good standing and have accomplished on their own field of specialization. These are people who truly admire a person who never compromise himself, a person who is never afraid to show his true colors. And for these, EELS of JKS is also a major threat. Being forgotten after military service? I don’t think so…

    • And just want to add one more point, JKS strength is comparable to a bamboo and a rubberband. A bamboo if its bend and kiss the ground, it never breaks its trunk but continued to stand tall, and this remind me of what he went through some five years ago. What this rating failure ( as many think ) is just a tiny particle compared to the hardships he went through 5 years ago…and where is now? The kind of status he acquired I’m sure is way beyond their imagination. Why like a rubber band? When a rubber band is pulled down, is always bounces back to much greater heights, just the way where he is now. The more he is pulled down, the more he gained, true followers, true followers of substance and loyalty. Talking about the people who followed Sukkie, who among the other Korean actors who can make feature of Sukkie in New York Herald Tribune? I know that event made such a huge impact to many, only JKS EELS can do that. That’s why many arejealous of him and wanted to pull him down. With what is happening in the ratings of Bel Ami, I’m confident the best things has yet to come.

    • These really are true no doubt about it. Like one site made an article about his Zepp tour which we eels know the much intimate ambience of that concert & of course lesser audience. But they never share the news about his Zikzin Festivals that garner 80,000 total viewers in Tokyo alone if I’m not mistaken. Then some reader commented ‘only 2,500’ viewers for his Zepp Tour. Really I couldn’t stop myself I reply & started explaining (Yi Li Ni). You see media would intentionally leave those bigger news about Sukkie & would purposely share a much simple news about him make it appear like he’s not that popular. But we eels know the truth & those media know the truth. And yes he’s fighting alone without the backing of a big ent company. These entertainment companies may resent him for sure, coz instead that they are having a share/profits from what he is gaining they lost that! Sukkie you are not alone I don’t mind explaining to those people how ignorant they are about you. Fighting!

    • Thanks abie_chan for your words of wisdom. I am so glad that you shared it here so that people who are interested in JKS (but yet to joined us) will understand more what is really going on. His sole existence is a threat to the giant entertainment companies in Korea coz he becomes so popular on his own!! One can imagine they will seize every single opportunity to bring him down. And do not bother with the rating. Once you understand that there are only few rain makers oligopolizing the market, and the rating was derived based on a ridiculously small sample size, you will know that the rating is subject to easy manipulation. Not that independent at all. As a matter of fact payola exists not only in Korea but also worldwide, so nobody should be surprised about that. I trust my fellow eel sisters knew that long time ago already.

      As for the copying part although I do not know who you are talking about, but I do notice that there are some Korean artistes who are obviously not keen in singing nor dancing throwing concerts! I suspect that they are just requested by their agency companies to do so in order to bring in more revenue so I really felt bad for them.

      • As for copying part. We know Jang Keun Suk is an originator & always be the first one to think of a new different concept/idea. Look at him launching his very own brand ZIKZIN branching out into different fields (merchandise, festivals/concerts,radio programs, cafe/resto, nail salon). His very own magazine Cri J. His own cooking book. The very first korean actor whose fan meetings turn into big concerts/shows coz he has that talent & x-factor. The very first Hallyu superstar who became successful as a singer. JANG KEUN SUK is a brand not just a hallyu star. And a LEADER TOO NOT JUST A FOLLOWER. 🙂

    • abie_chan, after reading your comment, I come to a conclusion: JKS would rather use his money for charity (i.e. Phillipines and other charity deeds) than for bribing the media or the dark showbiz in Korea. Though he knows very well, the threat for not bribing them. JKS, I respect you more and more.

  11. Very objectively written article!

    I like how Korean media still sees the PM in the positive light (as it should because the PM is a great drama). Even they are aware on how ridiculous and insignificant the whole rating system actually is!

    Just ZikZin JKS and don’t worry! We’ll be with you all the way!


  12. May I just say that i loved reading all the comments in this article. I feel like I’ve grown much wiser just reading the comments. All i can add is that I pray that we eels just keep on trusting our Sukkie, he has done so much for us being our inspiration, the most we can do is support him in whatever track he chooses in his life. If he chooses to fight the battle against the big companies we are just standing by to pick up all the sales internationally. And if he chooses to act or rest after military service, we will support him by reruns of all his dramas and dvds. Personally, even in the short time that I have known Sukkie I feel he has already given so much of himself for us eels and the only thing I can give him back is the undying trust and support he asks of us eels. And that I promise to give.

  13. My personal feeling that this Bel Ami drama is so deep.. what Mate has gone through in the cruel business corporate world is similar to what Jang Keun Suk himself is facing in real life in the entertainment world… only eels can understand what I mean ^_^ That is why I said this drama is not easy for non-eels to understand and appreciate…so many hidden messages…
    Why many said this is unrealistic, to me in the corporate world I’m facing is quite similar too but glad I have found support from friends and family… just like what Jang Keun Suk has from his family, friends and eels…

    • The story in Bel Ami is so realistic – though conveyed in an exaggerated way. It’s somewhat easy to relate ourselves to the characters… either we have done such things or others have done those things to us :). I couldn’t agree more with you sis QQ. I won’t blame teenage viewers if they can’t really understand the story either since the theme in this drama is rather more relevant to the young adults – mature viewers :). Anyway, I still hope that some teenage viewers and more non-eels also watch this drama because they can surely learn something as well ;).

    • I agree with you only eels would fully understand those hidden messages, non-eels may interpret those differently. Like the scene in the nail beauty salon, the antis would say he is a ***. Even some fans who are not that familiar with his sense of humours would start to have a doubt & he is so funny & cute in expressing that scene. I really laugh watching that scene & I get it right that moment Sukkie’s message to his fans that people often misjudge you or can form a wrong impression about you. And now those parlor attendants start forming wrong conclusion about Mate & since it is his first time to be there & they don’t really know him. I got Sukkie’s message that it happens to him (base from his past interview & he would say don’t worry I like girls) & at the same time the general lesson of that 1 single scene. This drama is truly JKS’s gift to his eels. 🙂

  14. korean dont know how precious jgs to us.. its their loss… jgs is such a wonderful actor that can portray any role.. not just like other actors that the popularity is based on their looks… we love bel ami and we dont mind even the rating is low… the actors are great and the storyline is good.

  15. Thank you so much for all the comments and insights about JKS. I feel like I have learned more and more about him! I love BM and will support it until the last episode. Keep your head up JKS we all know you are giving us your best and we are always here to support you!!!

  16. Hi everyone, Happy Xmas and New Year. I got sick, and just recently get back to internet life. Well.. I don’t know about Korean and the rating there, but Bel Ami sure has interesting point, it’s fun to watch and have a deep meaning about Ma Te’s journey to be successful. I love everything about this Kdrama, Fighting and Zikzin JKS!!

  17. JKS is a smart guy with a great business sense and eye for the long haul, he is well ahead in planning his next move in the Entertainment industry. With his money and popularity he branched out to different areas to ensure his longevity in the Entertainment business. Setting up and owing his own Co. and buying the building is a good business sense. he cannot be a star forever and he knows this. I notice that The Koreans in general are petty – maybe it is the demographic that watched this Kdramas, dramas like PM are thought provoking, deeper with a good storyline and lessons to be learned and it’s obvious the general public doesn’t get it. The dramas that have high ratings are like Heirs, honestly , I like LMH but the drama is disappointing. It is simplistic, angst ridden and intrigues, HS beating up one another are the recipe to make this dramas work. In short , I find it stupid and laughable. I wonder why Koreans go for this kind of silly dramas that are so out of touch, pull your hair stupid with mostly women portrayed as weak, poor , helpless, come on a little girl power please, but ratings on this kind of dramas are high. So I suppose it is the target audience that clearly go for these kind of silly dramas the writers target for. That’s why Kdramas are formulaic, at times I wonder if the writers went to the same Drama camp for they write similar stuff! Boring., Boring indeed. I am from the US …I love, love Rain (and the rest of the World did…in fact it was the highest sold KDrama of 2012 per Episode Worldwide, that should tell you the quality of the drama)and PM is a great drama worth of my Wed and Thursday night time. heirs…I didn’t bother to finish it, I know how it ended without watching it, it was very predictable, no challenge for the viewers at all. More power to JKS, he is witty, kind hearted, fun..he made his millions already and is laughing all the way to the bank. If he can make more so much the better. You go pretty boy!

  18. To the Ells and JKS fans, if this will make you feel better…I’m from the US and I love JKS as a person. He is well loved in the rest of the world for he is open, straight forward, doesn’t bit around the bush , but at the same time respectful and to top it all …he is original, create his own ideas and a free spirit. He speaks his mind and is very witty. His years abroad and contact with different people outside Korea makes him different. korea is a consevative society, with hierarchy and class status deeply established in the culture. JKS represents a Culture clash, a new breed of young Koreans and since the media is run by old farts, JKS is a shock to their system. But trust me outside Korea- the likes of JKS are very appealing, he is a leader, creator of new ideas, a pioneer where as most Koreans are contented to be told what to do. Koreans should be proud of him.

  19. well said, mary..i second your opinion. you’ve made it quite clear why many koreans do not appreciate jks. jks is unconventional…a free spirit, like u said… he speaks his mind..he is not afraid to show the not-so-pretty side of him (he drinks and smokes) he put up his own small company instead of pandering to the wishes of the big korean entertainment companies…so he could do what he wants. he chooses the dramas he wants– over the traditional lovey-lovey rom coms that koreans like .. he is not afraid to experiment…he puts his best effort into everything he does…yet remains very humble…and he has a beautiful heart..he is a generous giver who donates to people in need…he gave a scholarship fund to his university …he gave 5000 pink (that’s how unconventional he is !) blankets to japan after the quake and launched an online fundraising that raised 10 million yen…he gave 4 million pesos of his own money to typhoon yolanda victims in the philipines (he didn’t have to do this..do you know of any other korean artist, even the ones who hold shows in the philippines, who donated their own money? i don’t)… that’s why we eels love, admire and appreciate jks very much….he is a beautiful person in and out

  20. fellow eels ,it’s heartwarming to read all your comments about jks…i’ve known him for only a year..first watched love rain which was sent to me by a friend through the mail…then you are beautiful and marry me,mary..loved him in all thse dramas but i was so fascinated by him so i watched his asian tour behind-the-scenes, the documentaries, his team h mini videos that show his personality,his interviews and guestings (tetsuko room, happy camp, smap, kuwazugirai, sanma no manma,kbs documentaries with eng subs, of course)how he treats his fellow workers…how he bows down to his cf mentors, photographers— shows his respect even though he is a top hallyu star…i’ve read/seen comments by his staff and people he works with that show their love, affection and respect for him…these are the people who surround him everyday and they speak affectionately of him…means he treats them well, right?…i have also saved a collection of his words during interviews that serve as inspiration in my life…he is such an intelligent young man…not just a handsome actor with no brains ….he has inspired me with his persistence (keeping on despite negative criticisms),his diligence ( he follows a strict schedule for school…no excuses); he deeply loves and respects his parents, especially his mom( other stars would have resented his mom for all his hardships as a little boy, and after he has gained fame and earned lots of money, he still looks up to his mom…and cites her as the reason why he is where he is now…can you beat that? the highest honor a mom can receive is her successful son saying she has influenced his life and “i owe it all to mom!” wow!… he is all these and so much more…he is not even bitter about how the korean press treated him in the past even when he has gained such fame and money and proven them wrong (he has achieved what he once talked about to the press of what his ambitions were…he was a young man innocently answering questions by the press at that time of what he wanted to do, which the press regarded as empty promises, and they ridiculed and laughed at him…he has done all he has promised but he has not lambasted the press and he did not say ” i told you so!”instead simply shrugged it off as a “misunderstanding” he is truly someone to emulate…it’s nice to know there many eels around the world who appreciate him for what he is…a good person…thanks for your insights and love for our prince, fellow eels

  21. Who cares about the ratings in Korea alone? Do those clueless rating hunters know how many people around the globe have watched “Beautiful man”? Nowadays we watch dramas on the internet! I am not Asian, I’m in Germany and have learnt to love Kdramas thanks to Jang Keun Suk. Geez I am even learning Korean because of it. I will always support everything that JKS does. Sukkie, you have tons of supporters and fans around the world! Don’t let some stupid old fashioned ratings get on your nerves. You are a Top actor, singer, entertainer and most importantly a humble, honest and good hearted human being! Humiliating are those people trying to bring him down, disgusting bullies that do not have anything better to do than disguise their own pathetic selves doing their best to destroy the person they envy. Do you really think that will make you better than him? NEVER! We love you JKS!


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