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  1. He looks mighty fine in those stills omg .
    Very little make up and no eye-liner – I like him much better like this. I love his natural looks .

  2. I’m totally drools with his handsome look here.! Super love this image..!!

    Whaoww….in one drama of 16 episodes only….we can watch so many different images of Jang Keun Suk. He is truly a chameleon ACTOR. He is born to be Actor and entertainer!!!

    Beautiful Man, fighting!!!

    • Kailey, I agree with you. Only in Bel Ami that we can expect a lot of hairstyles, varied wardrobe, differentiated acting in varied depth, from childish and funny to being too serious. And only Sukkie can do it.

  3. These are still photos from episode 8. The most handsome look of Dogko Mate! The more I love his hair style and wardrobe in episode 8. And he resembles much of his dad on these photos.

    • Now that you point out the resemblance, Daryl, yes, he looks more and more like Papa Jang now :). Both handsome men! And the similar nose they have… *waving goodbye to the people who accused him of having a nose job*. I wonder if in his older years, he’ll turn as calm as his Appa… lol…

      • Yup the similar nose bridge they have, and more of their eyes. I saw a photo of Papa Jang when he was younger, carrying baby Suk ( maybe he was one year old or less)in one of the many FB fans’account, he looked exactly like Sukkie. I agree with what you said to those people that he has nose job. Hope they saw his old photos,and they would see that he looked the same.

      • Not only they accused him of having a nose job even jaw shaving common in k-actresses. But I know & confident that he never did any of those procedures. So i am really happy when he confirmed my belief he’s 100% natural. 🙂

      • Those people seem to forget that our physical features change as we grow and also depend on our weight, kristin_ez. Suk doesn’t change drastically, in fact some of his recent pics look totally like the old ones. His jaw feature & chin look different sometimes depending on the angle of the pics & his body weight as i observed. Anyway, he has always been so naturally good looking, why would he undergo a plastic surgery ;)?

      • Yes, Bel Ami drama with Sukkie acting from ep1 to ep16 will make many people eat their words on the following :
        (1) rumours on plastic surgery as he changes his images in one single drama.. cute nose, high bridge nose etc…(but to me.. I always wonder why people want to say that when his face is still the same as when young… and his nose already so nice, PS would look worst!! there are things like makeup effect and angle effect… which can make one looks different on camera)
        (2) haters for his long hair saying he looks like girl… in just this drama.. he can look manly and dashing in long hair.. and then even charming in short hair with so many different styles.. looks cute/ young sometimes, mature sometimes and manly sometimes.. just pick and chose the hairstyle.. it is just his images in drama (but to me, as long as the face is Suk.. he looks good ^_^ and Suk mentioned before he himself prefer short hair
        (3) his acting as flower boy all the time…seeing just from ep1 to ep8, i don’t see flower boy but a maturing man in his acting with so much passion (also.. to me.. he has been acting non-flower boy even earlier before YAB, like Beethoven Virus and Hong Gil Dong)

      • Ladies,

        It was me. I was one of those who questioning his face structure. I tried to believe that he has not undergone PS, but a little bit of doubt inside. then, I studied pics after pics, the old ones, the new ones. I’m glad, in the end his murupak dosa interview – as one of the proofs – that gave the enlightment.

  4. waah!! how can he get more handsome every episode!! heavens help me! ❤ this drama was really made for eels! kkk! thanks for sharing this awesomeness!

  5. wow man ur awesome. i love u always ur looking like an innocent baby smiling without knowing anything.love u baby ur so cute …….ur the best in the world …love u handsome….

  6. Jang Keun Suk and Dogko MaTe have the same charming abilities, the only difference is our Sukkie is smarter than MaTe lol I think that makes him more dangerous to our poor eel hearts. Saranghae Sukkie Fighting!!!

  7. I love jks no matter what hairstyles he wears. Am just really glad that finally haters can no longer say that he looks girly since he cut his hair and wear no eyeliner !! He also looks progressively manly and handsome!!

  8. Sukkie’ looks so handsome in these pictures. He really knows how to present himself. Such an amazing human being!!! So nice to look at. Keep up the great work!!! Always will support you!!!


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