2 thoughts on “[Fan-made MV] [예쁜남자]마테룩 CF3.수트의 정석_장근석 (Jang Keun Suk) from “Pretty Boy””

  1. Our boys is maturing. And JKS and DMT. As the episodes go, JKS becomes an actor becoming more experienced and as the story progresses, DMT is becoming more mature and more responsible. Evolution of character is seen in the way they dress, the way he talks, how to behave with those close and how he manages to learn from those around things they can use. It is impossible not to notice the changes occurred over the 8 episodes and JKS and DMT. It is a paradox but on one hand I look forward to see what will happen in these episodes and on the other hand I think regretfully that are only 16 episodes. I’m sure both will finally get some real men. Eventually Beautiful Man can be an odyssey of transformation of a boy into a real man.We still enjoy what we see and we wish him much power JKS work and health. Only better to all.


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