[article] ‘The Pretty Man’ Jang Keun Suk, left an lingering imagery with his delicate acting

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[OSEN=Kang Seo Jung] Jang Keun Suk of ‘The Pretty Man’ left an lingering imagery to the viewers with a sincere confession.

In the 8th episode of the KBS 2TV’s Wednesday/Thursday drama, ‘The Pretty Men’, Dokgo Ma Te (Jang Keun Suk) portrayed his painful inner growth. The actor, Jang Keun Suck’s delicate acting stood out in the scene broadcasted on the 12th.

Looking at Myo Mi (Park Ji Yoon), Jang Keun Suk gets a chance to look back at his lift. He apologizes to Kim In Joong (Cha Hyun Jung), “I took an advantage of you for my own good, but there hasn’t been a day when I was not ashamed of myself,” showing his inner growth.

To Myo Mi’s question, “why are you so anxious to be successful,” Dokgo Ma Te answers, “my mother passed away after suffering all her life. I wanted to repay her with my success. Call it an ambition but that is my dream.” His calm but sincere confession moved the watchers.

The critics are saying Jang Keun Seok successfully illustrated Dokgo Ma Te’s inner side with a broken heart which opposes his usual playful character.

Jang Keun Suk has shown an even more detailed acting describing Dokgo Ma Te’s change with his shaking voice and teary eyes. Dokgo Ma Te’s growth by Jang Keun Suk is gathering viewers’ attention.

The viewers reacted to the episode commenting, “Jang Keun Suk’s acting was the best”, “I’m looking forward to Jang Keun Suk’s acting in the future”, “his confession made me cry”, “his acting was exceptional”.

In addition to Jang Keun Suk’s acting, the ending scene of the episode, where Kim Bo Tong (IU) tries to confess her love to Dokgo Ma Te and David (Lee Jang Woo) tries to stop her, aroused the viewers’ curiosity.

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21 thoughts on “[article] ‘The Pretty Man’ Jang Keun Suk, left an lingering imagery with his delicate acting”

  1. Yeahhhoooo!!! Finally, Korean Medias or someone, praise Jang ACTOR on his acting skills, not about his handsome face or his fashions or his hair-styles…..LOLL

    This is a very positive little article about Actor Jang, from Korea Media to boost, too.!!! I super love it.

    • Kailey, it’s not the first time. Some Korean media keep praising his acting and BM from the beginning even BM hasn’t got high rating. They all know judging from only viewer rating is not good. This is their latest article. But as you know, Mate is becoming more and more mature in BM. That’s why JKS’ acting is also becoming more and more fascinating 🙂

      • yes.. Kaori chan.. I guess the difficult part in Bel Ami is Suk has to show beautiful personality development and “inner growth” in Mate in each eps of this drama.. unlike other dramas Suk has been in, he plays the same character with the same personality in one drama….even for Love Rain, it is 2 different personalities for In Ha and Seo Jun for each era, the personality for each character stays in one era.. I think this is the challenging part of acting as Mate in Bel Ami.. besides the different chameleon images and hairstyles… I personally feel the same as the producer/director… only Suk can play Mate’s role well ^_^

  2. I have to write about something that I think shows without doubt that work and sacrifice behind what JKS is today. Because nothing is done only with talent and a pretty face. Yesterday I searched for something on youtube and found a documentary in 4 parts made ​​of KBS about JKS’s concerts in Japan in October-November 2011 and especially the Tokyo Dome concert held in front of 45,000 Japanese fans. Show how much work, how many emotions and sacrifice is behind such an event. JKS shows a maximum involved in arranging the hall, preparing dancers rehearsing late at night and up to the smallest details. The Tokyo Dome is regarded as a concert hall That only the best of the best performance CAN. About this concert JKS said it is more precious dream of since she was in elementary school.
    In the third part of the documentary JKS talking about him. I have to write below some of his words:
    “People may think that i became popular in Japan due to one drama. But the truth is that i have spend around 20 years before this drama. That is something that not even money can buy. In that 20 years i have no friends in school and no memory…….No matter how tired, how much i wanted to cry or sleep, how hungry, how much i wanted to go home or be with friends. I must forghet all these at the filming venue. …….At that age there are also things that the child needs to do but at that time I was already learning to read adult’s expression in order not to get scolded. I was like that in order not to get scolded, i pretend not to be hungry in order not to get scolded, i pretended not to be sleepy in order not to get scolded…Even for news interviews i had to answer what everyone wants to hear to avoid being scolded and to be able to walk on but from a certain moment i dislike all those. I am not a robot…Hence i will control myself well. To make everyone happy always say i’m Keun-chan ( as in Japan ) also Asia Prince. These are my dreams as if i’m hypnotizing myself every morning. My popularity today will became a bubble tomorrow. If i think that it will vanish in the next moment i will not produce rushed or careless work even if it’s a small job.”
    JKS’s words have left me without words.
    I wonder what can I say those who gave with stones in JKS. What else have to say?
    Jesus said, Who is without sin cast the first stone!
    We should all keep in mind these words.
    Only good thoughts to all.

    • Dear Adriana, when I watched that part of documentary, I shed a tear and now after reading your quoting that part, my tears fell down again. It’s so easy for some – if not most- people to belittle other’s effort and point out that a person’s success is simply a matter of ‘luck’, in Jang Keun Suk’s case, his ‘pretty face’ is his only ‘luck’ according to those other people. Until now I honestly still don’t get the real reasons why they scolded him that much in his younger years for being an expressive boy with a big dream to achieve. He has worked hard & he never relies only on his pretty face. He has talents and he tries his best. I am glad that media started to be more fair and wrote more objective articles about him. The time will come that his hard work pays off 🙂

      • Thank you! As I said, a few months ago, when i wanted to know more about JKS gave Google search and found this place werw I met more than “JKS love you” or “You look great JKS” … I met full of beautiful thoughts love and appreciation for the work and talent of a young man. At first I read. I have not had the courage to write. Here is the first and only love I publicly expressed thoughts. Even my family is surprised by this but the only reason I joined to you is admiration and respect for this young man. All the best!

    • i think someone has to be hardworking to receive luck. even genius people need hardwork to be success.someone who only depends on luck wont go anywhere. that’s what i believe.

  3. Whoaaa so happy reading this. The delicate acting. JKS is yess, showed excellent detail on how portraying Dokgo Matte. Yuhuuuuu!

  4. So so soooo glad for this! It was about time media (and everyone else) forgets just about his pretty face and concentrate on what he is actually all about – his great acting chops and very hard work!

    He indeed is a true shining star!

    Peace out!

  5. I can’t wait for the next episode… I am very happy that they began to realized how great actor is our Prince. He’s talent are beyond exceptional because it was an inborn and in every scene in this drama… I can really felt his emotion even when just looking at his facial expression without even a single word… He’s always the best for me… I began to appreciate his acting skills in the first time that I saw him in his drama way back YAB days. I wish he can gain an acting award in this drama. So happy about this article. And agree with this 100% not just because I am an Eel… I guess everyone can also testify this even a non-eel follower of KDrama just like my friends whom I convinced to watch this drama… and now they also hooked just like me… Thanks a lot for sharing sis Tenshi ^^

  6. my heart swell with pride everytime i read good articles about him or the drama…i hope netizens will finally admit to themselves that he is a great actor,one of the best in the industry…

  7. He has always been a great actor, but underrated due to the irrelevant rating system. Now, the media and drama critics in Korea are focussing much attention on his acting skills in his comeback drama. I feel so happy for JKS and proud of him too as his acting skills have been praised, and are still being complimented since the 1st episode. Thumbs up to our prince, and keep up the good work!!

  8. Whenever I read a good review on our Sukkie, I feel very proud of him. He deserved some recognition for his hard work. He endured so much challenges along his journey.. Someone might think he have all this because of his ‘lucky pretty look’, they are being judgemental because of that. Having ‘pretty face’ alone would never meant anything if you don’t have the right attitude to go with it. I’m so happy that Korean media slowly recognised his talent after sometime… Here’s to more great journey together our multi-talented Jang Keun Suk! Eels & JKS Zikzin till the end! 😎 You will definitely get to claim your name Jang Keun Suk again soon! I’m 100% sure of it.

    • and that’s why BM is such a good project for him…like he said…he made the right choice…this drama is the epitome of ridiculing some (mis)conception and setting some issues straight…like a beautiful face can go with a beautiful mind and a beautiful heart and visa versa…and first impressions are sometimes very misleading indeed.; big dreams don’t have to be smuttered; earnesty, courage & determination are a big motivator for big dreams and should be admired and stimulated..etc etc…
      He sings to us…”like a movie”…JKS’s life is really like a movie…or a drama..
      We eels know it because we took the time to decipher what kind of man this beautiful child is..but others who are easily condempting others look no further than it is..
      I’m glad JKS gets some good/right media attention…for finally daring to speak up…
      Wonder what kind of “network” is behind the showbizz…guess there are a lot of KIJ’s around…

  9. In all honesty, even if I try to be positive and just have faith in Sukkie, I still get really hurt when I read negative comments from netizens about our prince. It’s not that I want them to be turned to eels- although i really wish, but I hope they will just be objective in their comments. Even if I do not watch other kdrama, no one can deny that Sukkie can really act, in fact it is absurd for anyone to not feel anything when he acts, whether the scene is supposed to make you laugh, swoon or cry- Sukkie can definitely deliver. So for whoever wrote this article, thank you, for at least trying to watch objectively without judging the person portraying the role. Thank you for appreciating art when you see it, not when it is just a hype. And to sis tenshi thank you for sharing this news, I know we all feel even more proud of our Sukkie reading this article. zikzin! ❤

  10. I never doubted Jang Keun Suk’s talent. I love him because his talented aside from the good looks, even more when I know that he is very kindhearted and generous. I will be forever a fan of Jang Keun Suk.

  11. Wow! Amazing…it feels so great that these people have constantly giving good critique to Bel Ami and Sukkie. This is a long overdue to be honest with it. Suk has always been giving excellent performance even when he still very young. I remembered watching him in that movie Doremifasolatido, and his performance then was so good even at that young age. As of now, I’m really wishing and praying that he will be nominated in Baeksang Awards for this drama.

  12. I’m always happy to hear good news about actor Jang. He is a very talented and hard working individual. Everyone I know that watches BM love it and can’t stop complimenting on his acting. He deserve to be recognize! <3 zikzin <3


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