2 thoughts on “[Pics-4] Jang Keun Suk Returned from Tokyo to Gimpo_20131213”

  1. It’s snowing in Seoul…
    Guess the wheather was fair for Sukkie only had a leather jacket on..
    And he looked so good ofcourse…
    He had the new Zikzin stuf on…the green pendant..I love that one..

    btw…I thought I saw a Z on the hood of Bo Tong her winter jacket, the green one in ep 8 when she gave the sock to Myo Mi..

  2. Hi i am really sad because i am sure he is sad too .he feels alone and pretent s he is happy.and i am sure he is sick .i t makes me worry alot .God !please help him and cure his illness:(:-[i cri alot for him …..and i cannot do any thing for his health and loneless heart…..


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