4 thoughts on “[Fan-made MV] [예쁜남자]마테룩 CF2탄 (Matte Look CF ver.2)_장근석 (Jang Keun Suk) from ” Pretty Boy””

  1. I love this scene…he’s soooooooooo cool in the first; I think my heart would come to a full stop when I would encounter him like that..
    The second one is so boyscout-ish lol

  2. From December 7 when “eta” asked us to vote for JKS on http://www.im.mx/fet888/BestOfKorea/faceoff.html and support him I voted every time I could.
    JKS has always been the 2nd, a small difference in the first place. Now where there are 2 (d) 05 (h): 19 (min) 30 (sec) the result is:
    – 51.89% for first place with 228.722 votes
    – 48.11% for the 2nd place (JKS ours) with 212 093 votes.
    I am sad and disappointed!
    Did we really can not mobilize, to show him we care and how big are our love and our appreciation for him?
    I think it would mean a lot to him …
    So please, please, please vote and thank you!

    • I keep voting every time right after each cool down period expires..hahaha
      We just have to keep it up…even we don’t make it to first place…it really has a hugh meaning..for the other is accepted in Korea and the drama was hughly promoted; for JKS it’s the other way around…

      We heard what Sukkie said…the reason Louis Jr was in BM was because they could not get it sponsored so he offered his own pride to be used in de drama…is there a man with a bigger heart????????????


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