6 thoughts on “[06.12.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

    • Me too…want to see the beauty moment scene LOL…
      Meanwhile going to watch the last episodes over and over again to pick up every movement and every line..hahaha..
      I laugh so much..

  1. omg he looks dashing in this new hair cut WOW ?!! i just cant take my eyes of him 🙂 he looks so young and fresh and i really missed that look on him , plz stay and this hair cut you look gorgeous . and BTW i just saw ep 6 and it was so sweet and funny , my best part is where JGS left IU on his shoulder and ran to the hospital XD that was so cute 😀

  2. On December 6th is St. Nicholas Day. In Romania it is said that the night of 5/6 December St Nicholas comes to the window and sees children who sleep and are quietly, leaving them gifts in shoes, but he was the one who punishes those who are quietly. They receive a stick. Saint Nicholas not showing themselves anyone.
    I pray with all my heart that JKS receive the most beautiful gifts. Health for him and for all those he loves, only to be surrounded by good friends and good thoughts of those who love him. Our gift to him is all our love and appreciation.
    Only good thoughts for all.

  3. BTW Eels, do you know of other links to watch episode 6? Until this this time episode 6 is not uploaded in any of the links available in my region. I cannot watch either VIKI or Dramafever. They are not available in my country.

  4. Its now in gooddrama.net.

    All the best Sukkie. Don’t worry about the ratings. Someday, all your critics will eat their own words. The more they criticize Suk, the more I am becoming loyal to him.

    And choose your friends wisely too. Choose an honest girl who will not cheat you behind your back, who will not put down your name. Marry the right one. I want you to be happy.

    I wish for you that 2014 will be a year when you break-out to something big which have not been done by your peers. Let them act, you produce, direct and write the script. You have the talent for all these. And let Lee Hongki be your main character – such a good actor this guy.


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