7 thoughts on “[Pics] “Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)” BTS from KBS Official Website”

  1. This this this! My happy eel’s heart is rejoicing the Jang Keun Suk overdose tonight… KBS World Ep 1 & then online streaming for Ep 5! Yayyyyyyyyy <3

  2. Woww….JKS is one handsome and beautiful man. Am I too bias seeing what I see him, a good looking man??

    Every times when I read comments (on other websites) saying that JKS is “ugly” man….I went…. how on earth?… what’s the hect?… which parts of his body are they looking at to see him as ugly looking person..??

    Even beauty is based on the eyes of beholders, but JKS is not an ugly man. The word “ugly” is such a strong dislike word to use to describe a person.

    I would be totally understanding and OK with that people can be honest with themselves by saying that they do not like the way JKS look, even he is an OK or nice looking man. Yeap..that’s fair enough..!!!

    • i think the person who said suk is ugly is weird.even my sister say he’s good looking.fyi..my lil sis is jks’s anti but i dont mind her.kkkk…


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