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  1. QQeyes007, Thanks a lot again for doing the recap of episode 4. This episode is so full of cute scenes that I love so much. A lot dislike his ramen noodle hair…kkk, but I really love it. It looks so refreshing, and made him so young looking. And that scene where he was fed by Botong was so cute.

    • Yeah…were the not the cutest couple…LOL…Matae behaving like a spoilt baby and Bo Tong like a doting mother…hahaha
      I so anticipates the coming episodes..just to find out what the fairy will do in the end…If Matae really learns to read people and manipulate them….he has a powerful weapon in hand…hahaha..like he is not already manipulating all women around him

      • he still need a lot more to learn.mate know how to manipulate only women because of his beautiful look but he need to learn from elec fairy how to manipulate any person by reading their minds.he used his look to gain knowledge frm woman which are the fastest and easiest way to do.i dont know what HYR’s plan but she seems like a person who know what to do and MATE is the person who know how to do to make the plan successful.could you guess what HYR are planning to do?

  2. 25 images and as many feelings expressed by him and understood by us. It is amazing! Do not exaggerate when I say that I saw in the course of time many movies and series with renowned actors but I have never met such performance.It is a joy to see them again his smile unique and out of the show. It seems more relaxed than before the first episode. After the period Love Rain he was in a constant search. With Team H he was like a volcano erupting or a young tiger released after a long time. Instead of the Nature Boy songs are so delicate and when they sing it is so sad … Listen carefully Like a movie, Save me, Turn off, Serenade … search for lyrics and you know what I mean …I wish with all my heart that after the last episode to remain at peace with itself and be sure it is the best. We have to assure him of support and all our love. And when is necessary, like when you want to help your dearest friend or when a mother wants to help her dearest child, to tell him when he is wrong. I think He’s wrong when it is too mercilessly with himself.I want him to have some of the best in the world and be surrounded only good thoughts.

    • Adriana, wow I dont know but my eyes watery after reading your thought. So deep and full of sincere wishes for not someone bloodly related but him as the person you admire. I dont know what the ‘mercilessly with himself’ is about but I am sure the past has affected him to the way he is becoming now.

      It was yesterday I had short of discussion about Sukkie with a friend of mine. I told her his imperfections and struggle as a person that turned out make eels love and stand up for him more and more. She doesnt care and knew barely nothing abt him but she was able to relate what have made him and his fans (eels) this way. It’s the emotion, bounding, and attachment made between Sukkie and Eels after his frankness, honesty, openess, etc of his life. In addition, Both sides act as admirer vice versa. Then I realized that atm my eyes glued to him albeit his imperfections, just like his eels. I, as much as you do, also wish him success, happiness, healthy, and finally get married.

      • When I said ‘mercilessly with himself’ I thought how much he works, sometimes to the limit. When he wants to make something forget himself.I often get the impression that it is surrounded by a lot of people but still is alone. I wonder if he has personal life moments to himself, if he has time for a girlfriend to be with him and support him. Likely That is the fate of those who give everything to others, they have no time to receive in their turn. I’m not a young person and it just amazes me how much strength and determination he has his age. I hope that God will help him to stay the same.
        Only good thoughts to everyone.

    • Adriana, you always write beautiful comments. I love reading your posts…always full of love, wisdom and insightful messages. Thank you for loving Jang Keun Suk..!!!

      Sometimes, I wondered about all the STARs existing in this world. How real are they…?!!! What are their virtues, beside their oblivious skills and talents with their crafts in their perspective professions, that make million of fans like them..?? Are all of them worthy of fans’ love and devotion??

      As far as I know, many STARs in the world have millions of fans, but how many of fans in the million are loyal and truly love and care for the STARs, as friends, little brothers, big brothers, or sons…etc…??

      Sometimes, quantity of fans is not always the answers for STARs. The quality of FANS is what counts a blessing for STARs!!!

      Jang Keun Suk is one of those STARs who are blessed with so many loyal and true fans who trule love him and always wish him well in everything, health, career, and life in general. I feel so happy knowing many FANS admire Artist Jang Keun Suk, but LOVE the REAL person.

      As for me, I truly care for JKS beyond just my STAR IDOL. I always care for him as my little brother. I feel happy when he is happy. I feel sad when he is sad. I feel proud of him when he is doing good deeds. And so proud of him for being brave, positive and strong person who is able to withstand so much pressures and negativity bestowed on him every day with his chosen professions. From my true heart, I always wish him well and achieving the BEST things in this world!!!

    • I know what you mean dear Adriana, somehow i feel the same way for him. I admire his determination and hard work but sometimes I want him to stop for a while and rest because I love him & he has given us so much happiness so far. I also pray that he will never feel worrisome loneliness because he’s surrounded by so much love as well. We eels can’t feel what he feels but we will always support him no matter what 🙂

      • Agree with you all…he is sharing so much with us and not only when it’s time to promote…..He is never on those shows yet we get to see and feel him more…the uncensored and unscripted JKS… there is no comparison in the world or should I say beyond the world of (hallyu)STARs

  3. thank you for sharing this rich recap with thoughts! I agree that it was heart-tugging to see Sukkie be taken aback with the tasty home-cooked meal in reminisce of his mom. Looking forward to what the electic fairy will teach her tonight. BM fightin’!

  4. Stv sis.. Thanks for sharing the beautiful recap of episode 4 which I love to watch even without sub… like you mentioned, all full of smiles and various expression of Suk (or Mate) in the drama.. it really help to relieve stress in this ep ^_^

  5. Even if Mate on a mission to tackle “Electric Fairy” he still bring a bit of himself. His smile, closeness and his physical self attracts her and make her tingles but his true self at her parent house touch her heart.

  6. Thank you soo much sis Steevee for sharing your reviews and thoughts with us. Very nice write up…!!!

    This drama is a totally wonderful gift to eels. I love it so much. Beautiful Man is so lighted heart and full of fun drama. While watching it, I laugh and smile non-stop.

    This drama has engrossed my all thoughts processing….I couldn’t miss reading a single story line…or I feel like I would missed some important clues, or some things. If this drama is a gift, it’s surely being wrap up in many many layers of wrapping covers. With each episode, the layers are being revealed little by little.

    Can’t wait to know and see the final PRIZE..!!!! WILL Dokgo Matte be beautiful only on the surface or will he become beautiful from the inside also..!!!

    So far, I’m enjoy soooo much watching Dokgo Matte slowly transformations of his characters and thoughts process.

  7. Episode 4 amazes me with how Mate changed both in terms of appearance & personality! I can’t wait for ep 5 today :). Thanks for the recap, Stv Cri & for sharing it with us sis Tenshi 🙂


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