4 thoughts on “[Fan-made MV] 예남MV Part.2_ 있기없기(Have,Don’t have)_장근석(Jang Keun Suk) from “Pretty Boy””

  1. Dear eels sisters, you can try to go to this link:

    Though the admins of dramabeans are quite biased and prejudice when they wrote about prince or his dramas or anything about him, but the comments of their followers are very supportive towards Bel Ami. In fact, almost of of them like and praise Bel Ami. Though they’re quite reluctant to watch it at first (I guess due to the poor and stupid promotional strategy by KBS who gave out misleading pretty gigolo story even with their teasers, and also the misleading posts from dramabeans prior the drama was aired), after they gave this drama a try, all of them like or love it. Yeay!!!!

    However most of the comments are about heirs ***big shrug***, so we have to be very patient to scan the comments for Bel Ami. I am doing it right now, tiring for my eyes, but I am satisfied for their positive comments for Bel Ami. xixixixixi

    • I’ve been avoiding DB so far because of the bias and unreasonably bad comments that are often addressed to JKS but I read their first (and only) recap of “Bel Ami” and was surprised that it was positive. Good to know that the comments from the followers have also been positive. It means that despite the rating, Suk’s hard work somewhat paid off 🙂


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