12 thoughts on “[Pics] Tongyi JKS with Xmas looks and etc”

  1. Thanks! Now I feel like Christmas is coming! God is always beside you for what you do, what you give away your fellows! Only good thoughts to all!

  2. I hope Suk will have another haircut; shorter like that of Paul Walker and unshaven too. He would really look so hot.

    Like Enrique Iglesias’ haircut. I believe he is the only Korean actor who can pull-it-off.

    (My apologies if I hurt someone, but truly Suk really looks different from the rest of Korean guys. I’ve been to Korea many times, but shhhh…between us…most are not good-looking and their torso seems to be longer that their legs. Suk got the good genes of his mom and dad. During meetings with our Korean counterparts, I am actually disappointed because none is good-looking. I looked for another JKS in the crowd, but, yikes!, I haven’t met one. Not even the flight crew. Probably, I’m just too bias.)

    • actually, his short hair cut can style many ways… just imagine this short hair will change to different style for different women.. the curly style to match the cute & kind curly hair electric fairy.. and he will continue to change…
      JKS has a unique look from the rest of the typical looking handsome Korean artiste (besides his unique personality).. is he has an international look.. he has a chameleon look (see Bel Ami we will know..).. he has an artistic look (the way he walk like model.. even at airport arrival scene) and he has the most approachable and friendly look! (he enjoys 2 way communication with his eels of all ages, that is why he prefer smaller FMs, radio programs conducted at his own office even during filming of Bel Ami etc) … unlike most Korean artiste, who distant themselves though they may look approachable but they are uncomfortable with fans coming close to them.. many did the FM or concert for a task or income.. but Suk has put his mind and soul in planning & implementing many of his projects.. some are not making money but he did that for eels.. just like Bel Ami, he told eels to enjoy themselves, don’t worry about the rating and leave the rating to him to worry… ^_^

      • Actually I’ve never found any korean guys handsome before, not even one. Even when my mom praised Jang dong gun during his golden years, I also found him so so only. I was a jdrama fans before, and never really excited about hallyu wave. JKS is the only korean that makes me swoon and fangirling. When I saw him in MSOAN as kang mu gyul, I thought: how on earth can this guy be korean? He doesn’t look like korean at all. Does korea really has this extremely handsome gem? or is he has mixed gene with japanese? That time I thought he looked more like Japanese.

        But when I showed my mom his pic, my mom said: is this a boy or a girl? how can a boy be so beautiful? I still think my jang (jang dong gun) is more handsome. LOL.

      • And since I found JKS, I left jdrama. Prince has engaged my whole mind now, no space for other celebrities. I only watch his drama, strictly his drama only. So when he had 1.5 years hiatus after Love Rain, so did I. I only rewatching Love Rain, MSOAN and YAB.

        Watching Bel Ami is like a big bingo fat bonus for my long wait.
        IMO, JKS’ curly hair right now would be suitable for Kang In Ho in You’re My Pet. It’s much cuter than his hair in YMP. But from the end of preview for ep5, seems like his hair is not so curly anymore, still with bang, but not that curly, which I like very much

      • wow jessica you have such a nice story! on the contrary to your story I have never been a fangirl myself to anyone- ever! that is why my family thinks I’ve totally gone nuts for the past 3/4 months now. But Sukkie – everything abt him – has just kept me hooked and someday I wish to tell a story like yours of how I managed to stay a true eel through and till the end! zikzin!!

      • woaahhh..jessica wong..u really speak my mind..but a bit different opinion. i think korean man are more handsome..taller and very masculine.japanese man are cool with gentle look and its hard to find tall guy in jdrama.the most handsome guy frm jdrama to me is only yutaka takenouchi.kkkk…idk but i found japenese guy are more attractive even without masculine look.maybe because of their coolness and charisma and passion. i love takuya kimura. i think suk is a bit similar to him. i also prefer jdrama but i watch several of kdrama and i love some of them. i found suk when im got tired watching typical streotype korean drama. yes i know him frm MMM..and to found out korean has this kind of actor is so unbelievable to me until now.and to know he’s in this industry for about 20years is more shocking.kkk..

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