[article] Pretty Boy, falling for Jang Keun-suk’s magnetic charms

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[OSEN=Park Jeong-sun] KBS 2TV Wed/Thur drama ‘Pretty Boy’ captivated female viewers’ heart with Jang Keun-suk’s magnetic charms.

In ‘Pretty Boy’ aired on 27th, Jang Keun-suk generated laughs with his cute bluffing opposite to his perfect visual. Also with his manly charms, he garnered the viewers attention.

Dok Go-mate(Jang Keun-suk) stands in front of a full-length mirror neatly dressed up. He shows narcissism by saying “Oh my you” in front of the mirror. In the street he is aware of the girls looking at him and starts posing for them. When he encountered Elecseonneo(Kim Ye-won) for the first time, he showed off his face side line.

This wasn’t all. He looks like he will only eat dewdrops, but he shows his twisted charms by showing extraordinary eating act. He claims that he is a vegetarian but he not only gobbled down the ribs abut also gobbled down Kim Bo-tong’s(IU) egg cook this day.

However in front of his goal, he was serious than ever. Dok Go-mate is conquering every quest Hong Yoo-ra(Han Chae-young) is giving. In this episode, he finally found our the real value of money and the know how from Jack-hee(So Eu-jene). He said “Money is like a living thing. If you grow with heart, it grows but if it becomes too big it can eat you. So I can disappear and only money can be left.” Yoo-ra delivered his second quest, “Go to the next women. Learn how to control others.”

Dok Go-mate is playing hard to get with the viewers between comic and seriousness. As he met his first women, there will be nine more women left for him to meet and nine more quest left. He is highly expected to show various charms as he conquers the quests.

Meanwhile, ‘Pretty Boy’ aired this day hit 5.4%ratings according to Nilsen Korea.

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10 thoughts on “[article] Pretty Boy, falling for Jang Keun-suk’s magnetic charms”

  1. OMG! He was so cute when he devoured the food. I remembered in the first episode when his mom said she will prepare snacks out of extra eggs they had, and he said he does not like it because of high calories. But it turned out eggs are also his favorite. I really love the satire in this drama.

    • Daryl Lade, you have such a good memory. BRAVO!!! Dokgo MaTe is such a contradictory characters. I can’t wait to see Dokgo MaTe’s missions unfold….episode by episodes..!!!

      This Drama really is keep me on the edge of my seat while watching it. This drama has a lot lots of life lessons can be learned, too.

      Awwww….what’s an Awesome Drama!!!! I love it so much!!!

    • Yes…his mother said to make his favorite folded eggs when he complained it was to high in calories…and Bo Tong did eggs in 6 ways…included the folded eggs…hahaha

  2. A lot of articles about PM and JKS around and they’re all positive… I love it!!!

    The show and acting is really good and deserves all the praise!!! I’m glad Korean media support this show 🙂


  3. oh goodness!!! the scene where he struck a pose for the ‘electric fairy’ with this eyes closed – split second of awesomeness!!! Sukkie!! You make me die everytime! BM fightin’!! ❤

    • Hi newb-eel, my heart also flustered in that scene that I really screamed so loud kkkkk. And Electric Fairy trying to deny that she is totally bewitched by Ma Te is so funny. Electric Fairy is already an ” EEL in Denial” kkkkkkk.


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