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  1. Thanks Rune Nona, I had seen the second episode but when I read the summary I remember everything and I get excited a lot. These first two episodes of BM I felt were excellent. I like how our Prince and IU have performed. I can not wait for the third episode.
    Ps: On one occasion, I would like to summarize one of the episodes lol¡¡

  2. Rune Nona….thanks for the recap of ep 2…
    btw I don’t find your recap unnessarily long/detailed…I loved every bit of it..
    Although I have watch both episode for more than 4 times…your recap’s made me understand it even more…
    Keep it up and already looking forward to ep 3 and 4…starting tomorrow…O yeah!!!

  3. sis Ruba, thank you again, very much for another awesome review!!!! Please don’t apologize for writing too long on EP #1. I am thankful for you, spending your time writing up recap and review in the first place. When it comes to Sukkie’s dramas, movies, interviews, or projects, there is no such thing such as too long article for me to read,….too short might be true….LOLL.

    After finished watching EP#2, my opinions about Jang Keun Suk as Dokgo Ma Te and IU as Botong……….

    Jang Keun Suk, as Dokgo MaTe. Wowww… no need for word!! He is perfect for this role. Now, I understand why he keeps insisting that he made the RIGHT CHOICE to play MaTe role. JKS is an experienced ACTOR, who can play any roles offer to him. I have totally confident and believe he can bring Dokgo MaTe to life. Never doubt about his acting ability. If any actor can convey un-admirable character to be likable character…….this actor is totally awesome good actor!!! That actor is Jang Keun Suk, as Dokgo MaTe…!!!
    I was soooo surprised by everyone’s acting skills, especially IU, as Botong. I don’t know who is IU until this DRAMA. I had never watched her dramas before. So pretty much, I have ZERO expectation of her. IU is also perfect for Botong character, small pretty lady who has very understated beauty. Botong is such crazy lovely and funny character, so average and ordinary character, but has pure soul and inter beauty and strength to heal coolest heart, DoKgo MaTe…..and probably the only one person who will be able to give light for MaTe to realize his own value and worths, not materialize worth for sure, and who save MaTe from his own destructions at the end. * guessing only here *

    For the first episode, I was little confused with certain scenes and things. But after I watched 2nd episode, even a little low key episode, I’m falling more deeper for this drama. Woww…this drama keep surprise me and make my heart race at the same time. I laugh, laugh and laugh so much watching the SPIKER legs scene, especially the scene the legs sticking out from the car…… totally original..! And the Electric Fairy scene, with dancing monkey, what in the world the producer got the inspiration to produce this scene…..totally ROFLLLL~!!

    Beautiful Man drama is soooooo refresh unique story, with out of the world unique plots, too. Awesome!!! Dokgo Ma Te has missions now…!!! The method he trained to complete his missions is simple: to use his god given beautiful face and charming personality to seduce 10 successful women to gain knowledge and wisdom so he can build his own empire…..woww!!! Now this is much much better description of Dokgo Ma Te character than a gold digger or male escort.

    The words “seduce 10 women” are sooooo misunderstanding and misinterpreting in this drama. DoKgo Ma Te has sooo many facets and layers of about him….people just need to watch to find out. In 2nd ep, I can see Dokgo Ma Te is very intelligent and fast learning guy….and surprising he has PRIDE, too. Yeahooo!!!! Can’t wait to see Dokgo Ma Te character develop and grow more and more as the drama goes on …….

    P.S. This drama becomes extra special for me more than ever now….kkkk…….because this is the first drama that my little 5 years old girl actually sat beside me or on my lap, watching together and laughing together. Awwww….such a happy memorable moment for me!!! She loves it soo much, she keeps asking when can we watch it again. How can I’m able to say “NO” to a 5 years old? So we ended up watching some funny scenes over and over again….lolll

    • Kailey so you are a mother too. My daughter watched You’re Beautiful with me, she was at that time also 5 years old, I asked her why she likes YB & she said its funny. Innocent kids & when you see them smile & laugh while watching with you – its precious! And yes its a happy memorable moment I had that feeling too!

      Pretty Man you are so awesome. Thanks a lot for the recaps. Excited for today’s episode.

  4. Thanks for Recap Dear sis.. I just finished both ep 1 and Ep 2 last night at one sit until 2 am early in the morning.. Since the internet connection in MYANMAR is quite strange and not able to watch online sometime I need to ask my sister who is working at IT company to download them for me immediately after airing. Yes , last night i was able to enjoy BM alone. This time , I watch every detail of My prince acting and I love every moment of his. BM is not just an ordinary drama like LOVE Triangle , meet someone superior etc. This plot is really interesting and now I can feel why My prince chose it to act in… What i love most in ep two and where i can see him is , where he was waiting for Jaek Hee on the coach even he is tired enough he still can get show up his superb charm to persuade her to fall for him totally .. And,The time he reverse the car , it was so funny. I love all ep 1 and ep 2 So far .The two actresses and prince match very well. For Kim Bo Tong, I will wait for her further ep yet she is quiet funny trying to get full character of Maga KIm Bo Tong. But I feel she needs some skill since her actor life has just started a year ago.I dont’ feel she is alive when she laugh like after her peely though for MA TAE oppa..Thanks to JKS, my prince he fills my blank of missing him in acting with BM even in ep 1 & 2 , the drama we are anticipating .

  5. Thanks sis Ruba for the recap for the 2nd ep. When I watched the ep without English Sub, I felt like I missed the sensation of the first episode. But i know that probably because I didn’t fully understand the important dialogues. This proves to be true when I watched it again with English sub, I even laughed at almost every single scene Botong appeared :)). The meeting with the Iron Lady was intense… I even wanted to cover my eyes hahaha… my poor eel heart can’t take it. Jaek Hee is a suprise to me. Her being a successful businesswoman with her own effort seems to contradict her insecurity when it comes to appearance & relationship, esp. with Mate. I feel a part of her in me, anyway… I grow fond of her and am anxiously waiting for the next ep esp because there’s a car accident possibility from the preview… Argh, can’t wait!

  6. Dear admin tenshi,

    thank you for sharing.
    may I know where was the original recap posted? as I dont see any reference link in this post. Was it in the FB group?

    Thank you.

  7. If any eels could answer these question marks:
    1. why MT asked BT to accompany him to go to the warehouse?
    2. if he didnt know what’s inside the warehouse – thinking they were treasure or something – then why he bothered asking BT to work for him?
    3. after iron lady rejected MT, he went to YR right away. It seemed he gave up already and took YR offer so fast. I thought he would make another shot to the MG building though will get another rejection.

    • Sama- sama :). I’ll try to answer your questions based on what I understood from the story:

      1. I think him being acquainted with her for 10 years was the reason why he thought of asking BT to help… and especially he knew that the girl would do basically everything for him and he desperately needed help at that moment. I think besides his mum, Botong’s family is the other closest connection he has 🙂
      2. He must have thought that if it was a warehouse, there should be things to start a business with, whatever it would be. But perhaps he had a too high expectation :))
      3. I think the Iron Lady had somewhat ‘ruined’ his self-confidence when she implied that he was a ‘trash’. She also stated that among all youngsters who came to see them to claim that they were the bastard sons, he was the worse because he came with nothing. I thought then he realised his ‘reckless’ decision to come unequipped.

      That’s my two cents. Any other opinions from other eels?

      • alright I’ll leave no. 1 and 3.
        Re. no 2, after BT’s told MT that they were all socks, he said something like he thought money was in the boxes. I do remember this scene.

        OOT, do u know where I could buy yellow umbrella online in Indonesia? After u gave me the LR link, u remind me abt the umbrella. I do really have to ask Indo Eels for this hehe

      • Did he say that? I didn’t remember it, maybe it was the different English translation from the video that I watched. On which website did you watch BM? I switched back and forth from Drama.net and Dramago. I’m really sorry I don’t know where we can get the yellow umbrella either :(. In fact I am still trying the most comfortable way to buy his official merchandise… as you know, the not-so-reliable quality of our post system (incl. the tax department), so I’m extra careful when doing an international purchase even from Amazon. I’m thinking of asking some eel sisters who live in the neighbouring countries (Malaysia & Singapore), perhaps they know how to do it better 🙂

  8. I watched in Drama.net. The scene doesn’ exist? How can I create such a thing, I must be in hallucination world. So sorry to cause you trouble.

    • I didn’t remember Mate saying that but I will check the Ep once again hahaha… maybe I missed it because I was too busy laughing at his disappointed face :p. No worries :), I’ve been trying to buy his original merchandise and work incl. CDs and DVDs as well but it’s sooo difficult to do from here.

  9. Rhams: I think it is not Matte who thought all the box filled of money. He only showed an expression of happiness seeing all that box and surprised when Bo Tong asking about shocks. So it is clear Matte think it was something else other than shock. Then (in different scene) Hong Yu Ra guessed Matte thought those box filled by money, with question like this: “do you think it was money there?”. Then Matte just in silence. Don’t say anything, then he gave her question about what should he do next.

  10. Rika, so it was Yu Ra who said that. Okay then I was half right abt the money anyway. thank you.

    Think I should watch over and over for each ep so this wont happen again.

    OOT, I could only reply ur blog posts during the day on my PC. Still hving difficulty commenting from phone.
    wait for ep 3 eng sub tomorrow bfore noon in drama.net, last week it was there at 11 am

  11. We got a bit of answer in episode 2 but still there are lots of questions. Now we basically know who Yura is but she still a mystery lady to me. She just up to something beside revenge. I love Jaek Hee character because she really want his love and would do anything for him. Botong love him too but she need to learn to catch his attention first because not that he don’t love her but he’s still doesn’t realize it since he take it for granted as they know each other for a long time.

    Lastly Sis Runa you really done an amazing recap.

  12. Dear Ms Runa, just to let you know that yours are the only recaps I read before i start to watch a drama. You can make a dry scene exciting, and your insights into the characters, dialogue and events are spot-on. Thanks a lot, more power to you!


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