[How to] vote for 예쁜 남자 (KBS2) ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’

UPDATE: added another voting section for actors

Usually we don’t promote many voting contests, but this time Korean eels promote this. And we international eels can’t support directly to promote ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ by watching it on TV, so we think it’s a way to show our continuous cheers and supports for his new challenging drama as Actor Jang. Let’s do voting together!!!
You don’t have to register to vote, but only you can vote once a day. So we recommend you to bookmark this website for voting easily every day. Below are the procedures. Thanks for supporting him as always ^^

1. Please clink and go to this page: http://www.100479.net/ranking/?code=vote8
2. Select 예쁜 남자 (KBS2)

3. Click the button at the bottom to vote
4. That’s all. You’ll see the latest result. It’s easy, isn’t it?

5. There is actor’s voting section, too. Please vote this, too.

Again, please make sure that the purpose of voting is to show our support to Jang Keun Suk’s new drama ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’, not to compare it with other dramas or actors. Thanks.

35 thoughts on “[How to] vote for 예쁜 남자 (KBS2) ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’”

  1. I think we can vote every 12 hours. Done it before with individual star ranking & it accept my vote. I’ll try to vote again later in the evening & see. Or we can use a different computer different IP address it will work.

    • we can vote him in a day more than one ………
      please go and vote him so much ……… every day ……..
      i am doing this too …….
      hurry up ……
      highting !!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the info. I will vote for him every single day. I thought I had loved him to the max before I watched Bel Ami. The effect of Bel Ami is that: I love him even more now. So I wonder when my love reaches the max?

  3. What should I do?? I voted already yesterday, more than 24 hours ago. When I go to VOTE again, the system won’t let me vote. The system keep saying ” you already voted” thank you.

    I am a computer dummie person, I did not know what I did wrong with the voting process.

    Please help!!! I really want to support Jang Keun Suk in whatever way I can. Even if at end, he might not win, I wold still feel good I have done something to support my STAR.

  4. EELS! I voted already for both options. Hope you can also visit at those sites where Bel Ami is uploaded, such as gooddrama.net, drama.net and others then give our comments to the merits of the drama. I feel those sites also a venue to show our love for Sukkie. Thanks.

    • Rika, thank you sooo much for sharing your blog with us. Personally, I love reading reviews and critics about Sukkie’s dramas or any other dramas I happen to watch at giving time.

      I have been searching thru one website to another for week to see if anyone, eels or not, write reviews or thoughts about Beautiful Man. I just want to find anyone show and share same interests as me.

      I AM A 100% EEL, so no matter if Sukkie’s drama is good or BAD, I will always be on his side and will also comment nice things related to Sukkie.

      Don’t worry, I am very sensible and reasonable girl. And I am also not afraid to read other people true feelings and opinions (good or bad) how they think about Beautiful Man, as long as people are not attacking JKS, personally!! Definitely, I am not blind to see his BAD habits or actions, but since I love him, I choose to love all of him, bad and good all together.

      I am all game to read people rate him as ACTOR Jang, if his acting skills are good or bad. I truly believe ACTOR can learn to grow and become better ACTOR by learning from honest critic, which area he did good, which area he did bad, and which area he needs much improvement.

      Dramabeans website used to be my favorite Review/Recap website, but they have become too BIAS now; not neutral Drama-lovers like they used to be in the past few years. It seems like every time they write any thing about Jang Keun Suk is not a nice article, so I don’t like to read the reviews from their website anymore.

      • It’s true. And I doubt if they will recap the second episode of Bel Ami. This is just my own perception… maybe they cannot accept that no matter how they spread many negative interpretations, words against Suk, but a lot of people outside Korea continued to love and appreciate our Sukkie. That the more they spread too much negative things, his popularity outside grew against their expectations. And they knew what kind of people appreciated this boy. EELS are just fangirling youth, but women of substance, those who would never stoop down, they are aware that EELS are dignified people.

      • Yes, agree with you Kailey and Daryl Lade. I am also a noona eel. A mom. A working woman. I love sukkie inside out. The more they bash him, the more I fall for him

      • I used to read recaps there, too, but since I decided to be an eel and couldn’t really understand why some of these (young) people couldn’t seem to be able to stop themselves from bashing JKS and his fans (whom they repeteadly called ‘delusional), I didn’t bother to check anything out on DB anymore. I was glad I landed on this blog and could read articles & thoughts on dramas from the point of view of eels with their affectionate yet neutral views of JKS. A noona eel myself (and that’s my nickname too haha), of course I don’t ‘worship’ JKS blindly. Rather I’ve been trying to love him ‘as-is’, a human – a guy who happens to be a hallyu star. I see so much potential in this guy and I adore his strong personalities. I myself am not perfect, therefore there’s no way that I would expect him to be perfect either. And so far, the eel sisters at ECI and this blog that I came to know and interact day by day are all decent ladies (oh yes, we are awesome noonas & ahjummas) and not really die-hard immature fans – nor ‘delusional’ ones :p. Yes we are die-hard eels because we promise to stay at our ‘prince”s side til the end. Lol. Anyway, back to DB, I’m glad that the first (and maybe only) recap tends to be positive. There will soon be recaps & thoughts coming on this blog, too, by ECI members, so we shall stay tuned and then feel free to discuss our impressions of the drama there :). For the time being, let’s keep pouring our love & support for prince by voting ;)! Zikzin!

      • Done, I sent my request to join. Terimakasih banyak, NoonaEel. Hope we could meet in person someday ^_^

        One question: so, if I already confirmed as member, will I get notification in my email when I make comment and there is reply? Because, now, I need to go search manually to see if my comment received reply here.

      • Sama2 :). Senang ada eel dari Indonesia juga. Di ECI jg ada beberapa eels Indonesia. Well, if your ECI membership has been confirmed, basically we’ll be more active on facebook :). Sis Tenshi or Sis Sarah (SpringSuk) are the ones updating this blog entries and they always announce it on our facebook page. Unfortunately for comments on this blog, there’s no notification. I have this page bookmarked so I can check it back and forth whenever I have time. Looking forward to having you in our ECI pond :). It’s another very lovely place for international eels where we can share our love & support for JKS :). Zikzin :)!

      • NoonaEel and Rika, I am from Indonesia too.. Greeting from me.. Senang bisa bertemu dengan orang Indonesia di sini. Salam kenal.. *shake hand*

        Intro, I am newbie in this blog since I learnt more about JGS only in the past few months. I know it’s so much late but it is better late than never. I have watched YAB,first ep of MSOAN, and 5-6 ep of LR in our one of national TV station ( I’m sure you do know which one it is) but I did not pay attention to the casts. Until the national TV station cancelled LR airing (aired only to 6 ep) then I streamed the rest of LR eps in dramacrazy back in June this year then I realized who was the man behind those leading male char. I guess it was LR who drove me to search anything related to JGS, to this blog and other sites. Then I started to read BV, MSOAN,and Baby and I recaps, watched Itaewon,streamed in YT to find JGS vid/interview. In dramabeans, when talking about JGS, many people kept giving links to this site so that I was curious to make a visit here as well. And finally, it’s jangkeunsukforever.com who brought me to tears – to learn the real JGS – as tenshi_kuma fan account in October 2013 which happened the first attempt for me to drop a thought in comment form.

        I tried to catch what I hv been missing since the blog started. I have read all the posts in Jan-Feb 2011 but it’s like thousands post awaiting. Should I continue this or not?

        Re. this site, I must say the admins are all awesome. Kudos to them. Admins, my apologies if I haven’t introduced my self properly.

        Re. eels, The eels also show so much support, love, thought, and guard(in positive way) to JGS. The eels are from many cultural background and ages. You eels are such devoted fans and love JGS in any possible ways. I kept wondering if other K actors have as big as this kind of love from their fans.

      • Halo, Rham! Salam kenal… Senangnya bisa ketemu eel dari Indonesia yang aktif baca blog ini. Selamat datang di jangkeunsukforever :)! I’d say you have found a perfect place to get to know and support JKS, dear, as this blog has been maintained by our awesome eel sisters from different countries. Maybe next time Indonesian eels can arrange something together, too… Unfortunately I live in Borneo so it’s a bit difficult to meet up with most eels who live nearby Jakarta, but I’ll always try my best when it comes to supporting JKS :). I hope you’ll enjoy your every visit here as much as I do. Don’t forget to vote, too, just to show our support, if you can ;). Zikzin!

      • Whoaaa, I just now visit this page, finding that not only Kailey who read my blog. Thank you so much for all.

        @Noonaeel:Yes I m Indonesian. You guess it right, I bet it is my so Indonesian name give you hint, hehehe.. I m not registered yet. Oke, I ll join. Thank you for giving me link.

        @Daryl Lade: How i post it? just put it in a comment or?

        Terimakasih, thank you, so happy to know you all ^_^

    • Rika, I saw your post in gooddrama.net. Thanks for sharing it there. Continue to visit there specially when the 3rd and 4th episodes are already available. Your in-depth comments and analysis would give impact on that page.

      • DaryL, i just put on comments part, hehehe

        Thank you for your appreciation. I was surprised seeing many people viewing and visiting since i shared here, in gooddrama, facebook, twitter, and i think there are visitors from forum soompi as well. Amazing, so many people become eel i think. Your all appreciation, comments, visit, view also give great impact too. Especially for my confident to write more and will try my hardest write about it until final ep. It will not happen if JKS and this drama not there. Thank you so much JKS and drama team and eels all over the world!!!

  5. I already vote and bookmarked the website. When I vote for Suk, means I support him fully as an eels. When we love someone unconditionaly means we should not compare with anyone or anything. So let’s just support him without any comparison and competition.Zikzin!

  6. Keep voting eels…find yourself extra IP addresses and vote more
    Bel Ami is second again pushed by heirs…
    We have to post this on weibo too…

  7. @rham: I have read your comment and make setting improvement in my blog. By the way, I m newbie/virgin (hahah) in blogging technique. Only having writing ability (long life learning)but quite zero on internet-technology 🙁


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