[article] ‘Beautiful Man’ Jang Keun-suk devours Galbi drawing explosive laughter

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[TV Report=Jang Min-suk] Jang Keun-suk gave laughter to viewers.

On KBS2’s drama series ‘Beautiful Man'(written by Yu Yeong-a, directed by Lee Jae-sang, Jeong Jeong-hwa) aired on November 20, DokgoMa-te (Jang Keun-suk) ate Galbi (Korean Barbequed Beef Short Ribs) at Botong Galbi run by Kim Bo-tong (IU)’s mother (Lee Mi-yeong).

Bo-tong, who was dozing off in a bus, had a crush on Ma-te at the first sight. Even when she came back home, she could not stop thinking about Ma-te. And suddenly her mother showed up and interrupted her. With a sulky face, Bo-tong came out to help her mother with customers of the restaurant. Bo-tong got excited to find that the guest were Ma-te and his mother Mi-suk (Yang Mi-kyung).

Ma-te did not even care about Bo-tong and said to his mother, “You know that I am a vegetarian,” complaining about the fact that his mother brought him to a Galbi restaurant. Bo-tong, who listened to what Ma-te said, told him that she would bring some vegies to him. Refusing her kindness, Ma-te said, “At least I should taste it. I should be polite,” and then put a piece of the beef into his mouth.

As soon as tasting the meat, he devoured Galbi passionately enough to make the description of himself as a vegetarian unpersuasive. The scene where Ma-te was trying to keep being elegant while eating Galbi with a hand drew laughter. There was a heap of Galbi bones in front of Ma-te.

‘Beautiful Man’ is a drama that shows how an extremely charming and tempting guy Dokgo Ma-te grows up into a true ‘Beautiful Man’ based on know-how he gained by dating 10 successful women from Korea’s top 1%. It is based on the original cartoon by Cheon Kye-yeong. The premiere of the drama recorded the nationwide daily viewership rating of 6.3% (Nielson Korea).

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