[character] Dogko Ma-te / Jang Keun Suk SUPERNATURAL BEAUTIFUL MAN

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“Do you buy on a 12-time payment plan? I do just with a 3-second gaze.”

From kindergarten, Ma-te already realized that without having to do anything by himself, girls would give him toys and sweets. How about Valentine’s Day or pepero day in his elementary school days? So many chocolates and peperos were piled up even on the desk next to his because his desk was not enough for them. He thought bringing them all back home was not cool. Saying to friends in a cool tone, “You can eat all.” and leaving there with an indifferent look! This is his concept!

From the time he started to behave in a snobbish manner, when he goes shopping with women, he stops in front of items he wants for a while. And if he looks at the item for a while, on the next day, Ma-te will get it in hand without doubt.

One day, a graceful woman, Hong Yu-ra provoked Ma-te, saying “Is it so fun to remain a poor playboy?” When Ma-te saw Yu-ra again, a once-in-a-lifetime accident happened. And Yu-ra suggested a training to develop his power to Ma-te through conquering women.

Ma-te has never failed to steal women’s hearts once he tried! Nothing is easier than this. Already this game is over.

16 thoughts on “[character] Dogko Ma-te / Jang Keun Suk SUPERNATURAL BEAUTIFUL MAN”

  1. It really looks interesting. Ma-te is a raw stone of jewel. He’ll shine more and more as the episodes are going on… 😀

  2. “already the game is over”.. so true!! if they made the women here of different nationalities and races that would really be JKS – world prince! fightin’! ❤

  3. Sorry I really do not like his look in this drama. Watching a few teasers and photos, the look cannot bring out his best. Ferrino is the best in terms of photos, Mary Stayed out All Night and Love Rain can bring out his best look in terms of dramas. The lighting and the makeup in ‘Pretty Man’ made him pale and so artificial, especially the nose. The sadistic, devellish, vain characters need a darker look. Actually all his rock concert looks are so killing, a kind of bitter and sweet. THAT will be real JKS and real Mate. The directors (I heard there are two) should improve his look in this drama using whatever effects the technology can do for our Prince!

    • I think your reaction is what the production team expected. As I mentioned in my comment, Ma-te in early episodes before meeting Yu-ra is not sophisticated enough. He is a raw stone of jewel. Ma-te will be more and more beautiful in and out, taking virtue in him. Don’t worry ^^

      • yes.. I can’t wait for the drama as it is so interesting again to see his chameleon good acting once again in a drama transforming himself.. I got a feeling his expression is going to go beyond what I see in the manga!!! ^_^ (Just like MMM, I was so surprised with Suk’s expression in some scenes in MMM that only a good & professional actor like him can think of those out-of-the-box…LOL!)

      • Thank you Tenshi. I probably need to have a positive outlook to this. I think there are a few episodes in the teaser that capture what the producer think is his sophisticated look (that I can see from the clothes and the hairstyle). However, that look is what I am complaining here. His innocent look when he was going to school on the bus that is good. The pale complexion and the makeup on the side of his nose is not good on the Prince at all. He is naturally good looking and the acting, his gaze, smile, frown etc. of our Prince are beyond words already.

        Btw, Sis Tenshi, do you think it is possible for you to create a gallery of the Prince photos by asking the eels to send in 3 photos of the Prince including the label on how the photo capture their hearts. Then we can visit the gallery and looking at him days and nights. Is this too much dear?

  4. I am totally attracted with the character that he is portraying in this drama. I hope the story can bring his best in terms of his acting skills…. all he need is a good craft in order to gain awards coz we all knew how good he is since the beginning of his acting career.. Many thanks for sharing & translations sis Tenshi… 🙂


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