[Notice-3] How to join JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 5 in 2014

UPDATE: Added an e-mail address for an inquiry: treej0804@naver.com

It’s supplements about How to join JKS JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 5 in 2014. There are so many announcements about it. I’m sure there are so many international eels sent an inquiry to Tree-J, so even you didn’t receive the reply for them. They’ve already known what is difficult for the application. Please read below. If you haven’t tried yet, please read the related post from here.

Source: AsiaPrince_JKS Facebook

*** NOTICE !!!

1. There is no confirmation e-mail for Tree J even after filling out your application at princejks.com. We will send you a final confirmation e-mail after we check your fee payment. Please be patient, and thank you for your understanding.

2. You can log in to princejks.com after you became a full member. It takes us approximately a week to confirm your payment after you make the payment via PAYPAL.

3. Please understand the full membership goods is ONLY for those who live in Korea due to the difficulty of delivery. Also, you cannot order or buy it in any way.

4. Your paypal e-mail address must be the same as your membership e-mail address in order for us to check your payment. Please make sure that your paypal e-mail address is the same as your membership e-mail address. If your paypal e-mail address and your membership e-mail address are different, please send us an e-mail with the following information: your ID, nickname paypal e-mail address and membership e-mail address.

5. If you have any questions about paypal, please visit their website and ask them.

6. You can modify your information at princejks.com after your membership has been confirmed. Please wait for our confirmation.

7. Lastly, we are getting too many email inquiries regarding membership. Before asking us questions, please check the notice. If you ask questions that are easily answered by reading our notice, we will not reply.

If you have any questions relating to the fanclub, please send an e-mail to treej0804@naver.com

5 thoughts on “[Notice-3] How to join JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 5 in 2014”

  1. Tenshi, I have to send an email to Tree-J because my email addresses (PayPal and the one connected to my Tree-J account) are not the same…

    Do you know which Tree-J email address I need to send my info to?

    Thanx, buddyy!

  2. Dear Tenshi

    Are you any idea I’m fully stress today , I got email confirmation from Tree J, after that opened website and I can not Log In …hhuhuhhuh My ID regrister

    I got email in SPAM ( checking Spam ) finally I send email to tree j with screen pict that email.

  3. Hi Tenshi, did you get a response on your email for request to change membership email address due to the paypal email acct conflict? i have not yet received a reply since last nov 13 and I’m starting to worry a little


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