[article] Jang Keun-suk, reveals his pepero-day present ‘Pretty Boy’s pretty smile’

Original source: Naver Star
[OSEN=Kang Seo-jung] Actor Jang Keun-suk revealed his pepero day present.

On 11th Jang Keun-suk posted a picture on his twitter with a caption that reads “Is today the day to exchange long shaped cookies? Thank You.”

In the picture, Jang Keun-suk is smiling big, holding a pack of pepero cookies that fans’ gave him. Expecially, he is captivating the fans with his heart fluttering pretty smile as he hugs his present as if it is really special to him.

Netizen responded “Jang Keun-suk’s smile is so beautiful.”, “Looking forward to Pretty Boy Go!”, “My eyes are laying on Jang Keun-suk instead of the pepero.”, “Jang Keun-suk’s love for fans is unusual! He is the best!” and so on.

Meanwhile, Jang Keun-suk will be starring in KBS new Wed/Thur drama ‘Pretty Boy’ as Dok Go-mate who has casanova-like speech with graceful features. He will be showing his devil charms. The first episode will be aired on 20th.

Jang Keun-suk’s twitter.
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    • Baronowa, this is an important reference for K-media commenting on the popularity. I heard last year this ranking was ignored by fans and JKS was at about 25 something, which triggered the K-media to pick up the so-called ‘hyped momentum’ again – seems like they won’t let go any opportunity to criticise JKS (no doubt of that as Tree-J is not yet an established entertainment company with strong background – this is my admiration of JkS with his business adventure). So this year, fans are giving importance to this ranking – at least among Chinese eels. 3 parts that account for the score:
      1. vote through click the circle under JKS picture among the snapshots of all (limited every 12 hours)
      2. make red of all the 10 stars of ‘popularity rate’ under JkS profile picture (unlimited)
      3. click through the six picutres to increase JkS page visits (unlimited)

  1. Everything JKS does is captivating. How can JKS be second in any poll? As for “Beautiful Man”, I am eagerly awaiting it. However, to be fair, the actor Dennis Oh is without exception a really beautiful man. He could not be in this role because I cannot imagine him playing a high school youth. In “Sweet Spy” (some years back) he was just flawless. However, he does not communicate with his fans although he has done two dramas in China and is presently doing another. There are a lot of pictures of him on the internet, but why does he not cater to his fans like JKS does? JKS really seems interested in his fans and that endears him to the public. A steady U.S.A. fan, Dena


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