[Pics] ‘Beautiful Man’ wrapping bus from Chinese eels

Chinese eels fanclub, KSC gave JKS a great gift to promote ‘Beautiful Man’. This wrapping bus runs in Korea for one month. Officially it starts from November 11 to December 10. But luckily it started to run earlier than scheduled. The bus number is 145, 351, 702, 106, 152, and 504.

Credits as tagged, shared on twitter


6 thoughts on “[Pics] ‘Beautiful Man’ wrapping bus from Chinese eels”

  1. Thank you to Chinese eels for showing GREAT support our Prince.

    JKS is the luckiest STAR in the world to be loved and blessed by many loyal fans around the world.

    I always said, EELs are totally AWESOME and the best fans in the World!!!

    We did every things within our power and love to support Sukkie, beside the usual sending gifts and written letters to say “love you” and cheers him up when he is feeling down….

  2. How can we resist loving him, such a sweet Prince. Try search ‘ JKS with kids’ in YouTube, you will find many videos of him playing with kids. I feel like hugging him!!!


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