[Fan-cam 2] Seoul Tongyi FM with autograph session_20131104 (with text translation)

Credits: LELE CRI
English translation: Wen Lee from ECI

~Opening session~
MC: Where’s everyone’s screams? Now, we know Mr JKS participated in 3 FMs in China. This time, you can see eels in Seoul, Korea. Is there anything you want to say to them?
Suk: Firstly, welcome eels to Korea. Last time I finished FM in Chengdu. And now I’m able to see everyone in Korea. Very happy.
MC: OK, now those present would want to interact with JKS. Now our cheering is ‘wu ur ling’,
Eels: I love you!
Suk: Hohoho! Is there any male here?
Eels: Yes!
MC: We can see here our ‘No.1 Asia male eel’. Very grateful to him for being so supportive of our JKS.
Eels: On the right!
Suk: I know!
MC: OK. We know that today we will have autograph session and signing. And also there is a surprise & that is JKS has personally prepared for each one of you an orange!
MC: Everyone like it?
Eels: Yes!
MC: Alright. Now our JKS will have a short break.

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