[Pic] New JKS’ self-produced airport large ad at Gimpo airport

Before we posted about an article, [article] JKS’ self-produced airport large advertisement attracts attention. I think it was over at the end of September. And here you see, another JKS is now welcoming travelers again at Gimpo international airport ^^
tenshi_akuma’s note: Please click the photo to see his smile bigger.

9 thoughts on “[Pic] New JKS’ self-produced airport large ad at Gimpo airport”

  1. I love you Keun Suk. Looking very handsome. Please don’t take this ads down! Travelers would surely love to see that gorgeous smile.

  2. Totally love his open arms gesture, and that’s sweet smile of his to “Welome” tourists..!!!!

    This is self-produced AD, so I afraid, it will be posted at the Airport for limit time only!!!

  3. hope its still there when i get back to seoul on february..I was in seoul just a week ago and didnt see a lot of jks billboards..was not also successful in finding his shop in shibuya..had hard time though coz it was raining too hard that time, thats 2 weeks ago, when i went to japan..

    • Hi Mary
      Hope you get to see this.
      This is a map that has been useful for eels to find the Zikzin and AP shops.


      Directions to AP/Zikzin Shop using this map :

      Take the starting reference point as Shibuya 109 Men’s, which is on F7 on the map known as 109 Part 2.

      Walk straight up north towards Towner Records. At the junction after you pass Towner Records, cross the road to the opposite shop (its called “Bullet Rose or Rose Bullet” cant really remember).

      Then cross the road again towards “ship” and “freak”. Turn right at the first junction, and its a very steep upslope towards “freak”.

      Turn right at the 2nd junction after Mulberry and walk towards the “salt and tobacco museum”.

      You will find Zikzin shop further down the road

      • wonder if there is a map from Tokyo and Seoul with all the must visit adresses on it…like a tourguide; places he loves to eat, shops, beautiful spots he recommends and also the spots from the drama’s..that would be a real help for any of us..
        I hope there is for I plan to visit Seoul next year

      • Thanks for this! will use this next time i go to japan and get a nice dinner in his shibuya shop plus lots of jks memorabilias..though got lots of jks posters in seoul

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