7 thoughts on “[Pics-2] Seoul Tongyi FM with autograph session_20131104”

    • ROFLLL…..probably when he enlist in Military……kkkk (half kidding)

      Sukkie likes his hair medium long so his stylist can more easily style it in many ways than short hair can do.

      With long hair, Sukkie definitely stand out among the crowd….in my opinion…kkk

      If all STARs have short hair….and Sukkie is to follow suit….then I am afraid our Sukkie might not be shinning as brightly and unique anymore…because all the STARs would look the same, more or less…….*yikes*

      This thought make me remember one of his wisdom quotes:

      “If I do blindly what others want me to do, then what’s the difference between me and the cans coming out from the vending machine.”

      Hair style is just a preference, some like it long, some like it short…..so having long or short hair does not measure a man real values and characters.

      • Your last line ummm u don’t have to be that loud LOL…..Even if I was not a Eel , I’d never consider a gender and their character based on long or short hair.

        I believe he said in his fanmeeting that he’d cut his hair , So I was wondering wen would that happen nothing more or less. I will still love him and support his all ventures.

      • Totally agree with you Kailey! I also like his long hair and it really does make him stand out from the crowd.

        But it is a subjective thing so many people will like him with short hair only… I think that maybe he should change… Just from time to time, for the sake of surprise element, if nothing else.


    • Yes, he seems very very tired. I guess it’s his killing schedule for the drama. It is always like that, though, when shooting dramas. They have a really long shooting days and rarely a day off. That’s why they can shoot 20 episodes in like 10 weeks, as opposed to western TV shows where it usually takes at least 1 weeks per episode shooting. Plus he has other events, like this Tongyi fan meeting.

      JKS, buddy, find some time to rest as well otherwise you’ll burn yourself up… Even though you’re very energetic, it gets drained away so fast!



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