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      • mamacri, the part which PSH walked out of the building which sells uniform.. that building is Sukkie’s Tree-J office which he used for his office as well as he rented out the first level… many eels went there as part of their tour in Seoul including me ^_^
        The building he bought is a news on S’pore newspapers too when he was here in 2011 Cri show and autograph session. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lf8Y3yuB3E

      • Thanks my dear…I know the building and it’s of course on my to see list for Seoul…hahaha
        But since I don’t watch Heirs..(not really found of some motionless face)I just wanted to see that special part..but I think it will be soon for some eels will make a small vid of it; just like his cameo in Ikemen desu ne LOL

      • I don’t know when I’ll watch Heirs LOL because I’m not an avid fan of the two leads…for now, I’m just waiting for KBS World to air the 1st episode of “Pretty Boy” on Dec. 4th (??)^^

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