[Video] JKS in Entertainment News Indonesia_20131018 (with text translation)

Credits: Netmediatama
English translation: Fenny Setiawan from ECI

0.04-0.21: For the compassionate toward the children makes the ‘Love Rain’ singer, Jang Keun Suk always follows and supporst charity work. And recently, actor Jang who became famous as Kim In Ho in Hwang Jin Ni drama, donates more than RP.100million (Rupiah) to orphanage children house in Seoul, South Korea.

0.25-1.16 : Actor Jang who under Tree J media management involved in charity activity that organized by his fans. After his Zikzin-Zepp live concert in Japan, Actor, singer and model Jang donates more than Rp. 100 million (won 10 mil) to Nam San Won Institute – a special children house in Seoul, South Korea. In year 2012, Jang Keun Suk also donated money as amount more than Rp.90 million (won 9.26 mil). After busy in Japan, he will come back to South Korea and start to filming new drama Pretty Boy (Beautiful man) which will air next November 2013 in South Korea.

1.16-1.41: It is proven that Jang Keun Suk is very compassionate. At this time, event though, he is very famous and has a good career, however he never forget to share his fortune to others (referring to his charity activities). It is happened not because him alone, but his fans also have a good intention to organize a positive deeds to support the actor. Jang Keun Suk is also very supportive toward the activity that held by the fans. So the conclusion is actor Jang and fans are hand in hand of doing a positive deed. Jang Keun suk is indeed a great person.

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  1. A God given star, he not only gives us happiness through his performances and his look but he always also gives us happiness through his good deeds. Just simply love him, my boy.


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