[13.10.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE

How beautiful I am………
even when I didn’t wash my face and went to sleep…..
even when I didn’t brush my teeth…..


what about my height………
tenshi_akuma’s note: Japanese LINE didn’t say anything about his height. I don’t get the meaning clearly, but something like this. “My figure remains (beautiful)…

[ What the… Can’t leave him like this…. I gotta do something somehow…]
tenshi_akuma’s note: This is from Japanese manga ‘DEATH NOTE’. This line was said by the lead character Kira when he witnesses someone whom he can’t stand to see or hear, but at the same time, he feels a sense of danger. Suk himself did post this to respond him. So funny. kkkkkk

13 thoughts on “[13.10.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

  1. Hahaha after banging my head to the wall for about 20mins , I came to understand that he was joking around With respect to what few people might have thought after his first 2updates.
    Lmao….His wits are awesome .

  2. So pretty!! How can anyone so pretty exist on earth?
    Thanks Tenshi, with your explanation I finally understand what he means when he quoted from Death Note.

  3. oh .. shit ?!! o.k somebody should slap him on his face so he can find out that he is a boy , just in case he forgot that , cuZ he is pure girl now 😛 ,

    • Hahaha.. Oh, c’mon Randa, where’s your sense of humor… Hehehe

      And he is so freaking beautiful, even more so without the makeup!!! Most girls should envy him. Hahahaha


  4. Just because he has long hair means he is a ‘girl’ – He is very manly in Mary Marry Me, dear Mugyul, he has long hair and yet he appeared most Manly in this show

  5. I love him with long and short hair..but his hair is really beautiful so it makes him even more beautiful…but above all I love his sideburns…somanly
    He is a envy for women but also man…and maybe that’s why some people can’t stand him just because…
    But it would be stupid if he would deny he is handsome…just to be modest…I REALLY CAN’T STAND THAT.. FALSE MODESTY…I hate it when people act shy while the are not…
    But Sukkie is a funny man..LOL…his self mockery is hilarious…


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