6 thoughts on “[Pics-2] JKS departs from Incheon Airport to Chengdu, China_20131012”

  1. Did JKS just give a ‘f*ck you’ sign in the 1st pic????

    Dont get me wrong….im one of JKS fan….but for him to give tht kind of sign is a bit….hem….(no comment). Didnt want to create any uproar =)

    • Please….there is nothing to Uproar about that picture. Didn’t you see that he was adjusting his sunglasses. Obliviously not!!!!

      There is nothing bad or improper to fix ones’ glasses with any fingers we want. Even me, I used that finger all the time to fix my daily glasses and my hairs….etc. I see nothing wrong with doing it. By the way, if you didn’t write your “f” word here, I didn’t even know what your meant.

      Please if it’s very very sensitive for you to see him doing it……you should be sensible enough to ask FIRST before jumping to the negative thought or at least look more closely and carefully to see what he was trying to do………or better yet…..you can go watch the Fan-video to confirm with your own eyes that JKS is NOT as bad person as you might think.

      • Alright…Ok…. Im sorry. Like i said, i didnt want to create any uproar here… I know tht JKS is not that type of person… so im surprise to see tht picture at first..and tht is why i ask if he really did do tht sign.. So..when you guys said tht he is just fixing his glasses…tht explains everything.

        Again…im sorry of I ever make you guys angry…. Mianae~~

  2. Just holding his phone as always while juggle to fixed his hair and glasses…and waving to us eels, even he is unhappy or in pain..he never shows us his bad mood because he knows how difficult it is to follow him……he should have 8 arms and hands just like a octopus…
    Sukkie is the kindest of star, he would never do such things for he has respect for others….and his mother would scold him..LOL…..not like some idols behaving bad…trying to ruin fans pictures by using a contra flash with a camera and other stupid behaviour

    • What is the big deal with the “middle finger”? He is a human being just like us. Everyone is entilted to have some bad days and good days.


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