[fan-made 1] #うなぎが愛を叫ぶぅ (#Eels shout love at JKS!)

This image is one of JKS’ posts he shared on [03.10.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE. I left the supplement on the post, but again I’d like to share this BTS.

Actually this is a love letter from eels. The first one was written on the beach of Fukuoka in 2010. Fukuoka eels wrote a big love letter ‘Jang Keun Suk, I love you’ made of sand. When he found it from his hotel room he stayed, he was really moved. You can read the detail about it from here.

This time actually eels did the same attempt again. Here’s some pics. I heard there were many messages on the beach.

P.S. They were filmed by JKS’ staff.

This time ZEPP venue is not so big. Many failed to get tickets. But even if eels can’t attend his concert nor leave a love letter to him directly on the beach, it doesn’t matter how much we eels love JKS. We eels are just loving him no matter what.

Then, a new event was spread on twitter called #うなぎが愛を叫ぶぅ from eels who couldn’t go to ZEPP Fukuoka. #うなぎが愛を叫ぶぅ means #Eels shout love (at JKS!). Eels made a love letter to JKS with something. Lots of images were shared on twitter. Just seeing them proved how much our JKS is loved by eels. Enjoy seeing them, and make you smile ^^ Here is some samples. You can see many from the link below.
The summary page tweeted during ZEPP Fukuoka tour
The link tweeted realtime on twitter

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