[03.10.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE

I’m thinking of it…Shall I drink?

drink? No? 🙁

What’s ma concert gonna do now???
tenshi_akuma’s note: Yesterday (Oct. 2nd), he finally went and eat at a local food stool in Fukuoka. Last time he organized his own food stools for the staff after CRI SHOW2. But this time he went to Makimura-san’s favorite one, Nagahama Mangetsu (長浜 満月).

Oh~~~ Yeah
Yo! Eels!! If you have anything else that’s good, record your voice and upload it…Lol XD

tenshi_akuma’s note: Sukkie asked eels to chorus like this when he sings the hook of ‘Nature Boy’ and spread this order on twitter. So he gave us a lot of treats for practicing it hard 😉

Here you go~~ my bait~~Practice hard!!! Burn the midnight oil~~~ Lolol XD

What about your baby? Doesn’t your baby need the diapers??
tenshi_akuma’s note: Japanese eels made ‘JKS’ using something like this. Here’s the summary. This time an eel made JKS with diapers. kkk I suppose he checked tweets with #うなぎが愛を叫ぶぅ It means #Eels shout love (at JKS!)

16 thoughts on “[03.10.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

    • me too love his jacket, he looks soooooooooooooo handsome whit this jacket. he’s perfect.
      return of our seo joon ♥ hehehe.

    • yeaah!! i’m so happy, our handsome seo joon ♥_______________________♥ i miss him too.
      Asia prince is so genious, very good idea, prince 🙂

      ╚══`.¸.Sukki Chan = Zikzin 4EVER.
      Peace and Love.
      Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

  1. Well, from what he said it was as if he had not taken any. But…in the 3rd picture 1/3 disappeared especially the best frothy and foamy part clearly shown in the first picture. Ahaaa…Prince Charming, you are cheating. I know you can’t resist it like you can’t resist your eels. 55555

  2. Ehmmm…don’t you thing “it” refers to the ‘painful’ LR shooting time with someone he special he drank with?? Hehehe…just wondering….

    • Well, when one is in love they think about that person all the time, with them or without.

      None the less, I’m not gonna argue. Thank you for explaining.



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