7 thoughts on “[Pics-2] Media Pictures of 2013 Jang Keun Suk ZikZin Live Tour in Zepp Fukuoka”

  1. Very handsome indeed! Except for the smoking part. Smoking isn’t attractive in any way… Well, let’s just hope he’ll get rid of that ugly habit soon 🙂

    Peace out!

    • Oh, yes, I do hope he is able to quit the habit soon. I know it is a difficult habit to stop, but it will take the edge off his voice sooner or later. I was afraid when he went to China he would see so many people smoking and it seems attractive- but it’s a killer! If he had done his concerts in the U.S.A., he would see smoking prohibitions everywhere and it would not seem attractive at all. He is just too handsome and healthy looking to damage himself. Dena, a steady U.S.A. fan

      • this zepp tour is meant to show his real self right? i’m happy that he is confident to show his sexy laid-back self but the smoking makes me worry too.

  2. He is awefully sexy in this show with sleeveless T. I just want to know his feeling. Being loved by millions of his eels is it happy, painful, stressful?


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