[Video] asadedu_20131002 (with text translation)

Credits: sakuzou0409
Text English translation: tenshi_akuma (Only JKS part)

Yesterday at Fukuoka airport, more than 400 people were waiting for… Mr. Jang Keun Suk! He visited Japan for his three-day concert from today held at ZEPP Fukuoka. Besides Fukuoka, he’ll visit 5 cities in total such as Sapporo and Tokyo. But Fukuoka is the first place for the concert, so his fans greeted him cordially. To respond this, he gave them a big fan service. In addition, he gave an exclusive message to ‘asadesu’ viewers. JKS said, “Fukuoka is very close to Busan, Korea. But I’ve never been to Beer factory yet, so I wanna go there some day. And I have many friends in Japan, but not yet in Fukuoka. This time I want to make a female friend here.”

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  1. I love this small interview; so relax..so happy…look how his eyes twinkles when talking about beer factory LOL..before you know it he get a special invitation for visit
    ……and again teasing the Fukuoka eels..
    wander what the presenters were saying after that…but it’s very clear it was hot in there

    Sukkie looks really good


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