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  1. sis Kaori Chan, thank you sooo much for speedy English Sub.

    Yeahh….I love the sound of Sukkie’s laughter. When he laughs, I sure laugh with him. When he smiles, I automatically smile. When he cried, I got soo emotional and cried too. Sukkie’s able to move people’s emotionally, no matter what age we are.

    Awww…I love the HOST, he seems soooo friendly and nice to Sukkie. We’re talking and laughing like good friends instead of HOST and Visitor.

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  2. Thanks for your hardwork sis…
    I always love interviews with Sukkie…he is so natural…deep thinker but yet always able to convey what he really want to say..full of humor and really really quick witted..
    the one hearing him must be quick too otherwise risk loosing him or misunderstand him
    Never a awkard nor a dull moment..even his body language is adepts depending on the Host…
    One can see clearly these two are really at east with each other…

    • btw that is one serious offer of help by the host…even if his wife was to giving birth he would help JKS…not sure if his wife would agree to that LOL…
      wonder how they are connected really : )

  3. Love our Prince Charming in interviews, so witty, friendly, and relaxed. He sounded so native like to me speaking Japanese but I can’t judge. Can sis Tenshi tell us how his Japanese is like? Native like or with foreign accent? How talented he is speaking 4 languages now at ease!!!

    • Hi Sudie,
      His Japanese is really good. When there is some period that he doesn’t use Japanese, it seems a bit hard for him to remember right words in Japanese, but soon after he starts working in Japan again, he can manage to handle all Japanese without problems. When he appears on a talk show in Japan, he doesn’t need any interpreters. But sometimes he made little mistakes. For example, how to pronounce words properly. But we Japanese eels love to hear such mistakes either ^^ Actually in this video, there were some such parts, but I can make up for them.

      • Thanks a lot Sis Tenshi. I just found from my listening that it was so natural the way he paused, and the use of the filled pause like Ano or Eto. I just can’t judge whether his speech sounds native like or not. I just used my phonetecians ears to compare his speech with the interviewer. He is so talented and hard working. He really deserves our love. Cheers to our Prince Charming and the team of Jangkeunsukforever.
        Btw, I have been to Japan to do research for many times at Tokyo University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Waseda University from 1 month to three months, I find the rhythm of Japanese language is very difficult to acquire. I will not give up, Zikzin.

      • Oh, you’re professional about phonetics?
        I think his own way of speaking Japanese is very natural, but when he speaks as lines, I mean in dramas or CFs, it sounds not natural. Maybe because the lines themselves are not natural for daily use. So the way he speaks in his mobile phone game sounds not natural for me. He can speak more naturally!

      • i also think so tenshi sis..what about his singing in japanese..? maybe singing can be more natural coz they didnt use formal words. i really wants to see suk act in j-drama one day..and when i saw your comment..i have a feeling that he’s not ready yet. i love japanese language..really hope i can master the language but i think im not that talented in language.kkkk…nihongo is cute and cool at the same time and i really love to hear japanese girl speak..it sounds really cute and polite. that’s what i saw in drama and anime 🙂

      • Sis Tenshi, I am a Professor of Linguistics and Phonetics as you guessed. I think our Prince Charming voice quality is so warm and masculine. I agreed with you that in the lines he had to say in the games sound like reading more speaking. Anyway, his look and the wording are very lovely.

  4. I really enjoyed these 3 parts of Jang Keun Suk TV. Now, I wonder which of JKS’s plans will Furaya-san help him to achieve. I definitely hope it’s the one about him getting a date with a Japanese girl 🙂 Or to go camping at Ibaraki (Tenshi will be so happy!)

  5. I just managed to watch this video again with the eng sub. Thanks for the translation sis Tenshi. And I love to listen the way he speaks in Japanese as well as the way he speaks in English. Cute Sukkie :).


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