13 thoughts on “[Pics-3] 2013 JKS birthday sharing photo exhibition_20130915”

  1. Kaori chan, Thank you for sharing all the pictures and vid taken for this exhibition.. I feel like I was there with you too! ^_^ All the photos are beautiful memory of us with Sukkie for the past few years…

  2. Thanks kaori. All the photos that you snap are very clear and I especially love the video that allow us to over seeing the full setup in every single conner. I am happy to know you and your mum were presented 2 pics and poster to bring back as memories.

    • Yes…I agree…I want to thank the Korean eels for this marvellous idea and great job weldone..
      I admire you evenmore for it must be really difficult for you to show your unconditional love for our Sukkie…
      Fighting….we are also with you..

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these photos and the videos. JKS is really an Asian prince, and we in America can be fans, but we are only “foreign fans” or, at best, world fans. However, I will always be on the alert to see him in person at some future performance. We can of course buy most of his DVDs. Here in the U.S.A. we have no one just like him. I am so happy my Asian studies brought me in contact with Asian stars and especially JKS. Dena, a steady U.S.A. fan

    • Eunice, thanks for letting me know : )
      You can share my 3 mins fan-cam video and other photos, too.
      This is “sharing” event, so you can share them freely…

      • I saw your video on fb, I shared it already without knowing it was yours(I found it out later)^^ Such a nice, very thorough video you took! Hope you had a wonderful time in Seoul^^
        Thank you for the video and beautiful photos 🙂

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