2 thoughts on “[Videos-3] Wuhan Tongyi FM_20130907”

  1. This is so funny… super lucky mama eel, male eel who came with wife eel and the girl eel who don’t smile really a great combination for this game! ^_^

    • O..it’s so funny…I guess Wuhan FM was the funniest..
      the male eel was so funny and he brought another zebra for Sukkie..now he has two…
      The girl that was crying…and Sukkie supporting her by doing exact the same movements and him poking the male eel when it was his turn..LOL
      But the luckiest and most envied eel must be the winner…she got the signed CD, the “kisses”…the hugs, the pictures…wow..he must have thought she was really dreaming…
      I hope we can get some transcript or subbing on this…it’s hilarious..

      and Sukkie was singing remarkable well


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