6 thoughts on “[Pics-2] L’inoui shop opening event_20130831”

    • Dear Sis Tenshi, I wonder how can I send a photo of our Prince where I have never seen it published to be shared with our JKS eels. That was another photo that captured my heart and I did take it from the video.

  1. Boyish look with no makeup, how wonderful to see my Prine Charming in this form. He has lost a lot of weight and changed his hairdo, he really looks handsome. I agreed with Sis Tenshi that the photos taken by his eels are so natural and can capture the real him. It is because he captures our heart.

  2. nice pics, i love his smile, he looks so happy 😉

    where is Yoona? pls 😉

    thanks eels and tenshi!

    ★★★ tenshi always making a good job.



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