[Pics] JKS with partir cosmetics & beauty staff

Source: partir cosmetics & beauty Facebook

You might be surprised to see this closeness between Jang Keun Suk and President of Partir ♡
What’s the reason??
You’ll see it in JKS’ new CF goes on air this September ☆☆



2 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS with partir cosmetics & beauty staff”

  1. seeing pics of geun with a woman friend makes me happy….all i only want is geuns good guidance,geuns safety,good health and seeing him happy..seeing him success..i want geun to be happy always..lovelots much more criz…i pray always to you geun that you are safe and healthy,long life and happy ever..life is so hard and it is true..sometimes we incounter unexted hendrances,problems,but geun all i want you is you always be strong,wat ever may come problems,be strong enough and face it….if they can u must can be..GOD is always to you,and specially me..i know we are far from each other,and im only and eels,but my heart is not distance to you..you always in my heart,everyday i always thinking and praying that you will be safe in your daily activites,even my life gots busy but half of it is yours..i love u geun and it is always..take care always geun i love you..



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