6 thoughts on “[28.08.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo”

  1. He is wonderful our manboy….I loved both stage. I’m so mermerized that some can be so different in one day…solo and as duo..
    I’m sure his ZEPP tour is a must for real JKS…..very intimate…very close…very private…
    I wish I could understand what he was saying…but that will come..
    I love team H stage…full of energy..I love how both are able to move the eels…young and old, shy or outgoing…they are full of charmes… I wish I understand the meaning of the team H lyrics

  2. So sad to see this Team H tour end! Was disappointed they didn’t make it to the US because I LOVE every song on this CD. Hope to see JKS and BB next year either in the US or Korea! Sorry Sukkie, am an eel and protein!


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