[25.08.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE

Come on, eels~~~~ what the hell are you talking about?? Poo-poo????
Should I give you a hint?


tenshi_akuma’s note: It’s related his saying that he left a secret code in Zikzin fes. EXPO area. So eels were trying to guess what it was. JKS checked on twitter if they already got the right answer. But eels couldn’t help but guess something related poo-poo… because he draw it in some areas at EXPO zone.

6 thoughts on “[25.08.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

    • This image was not the correct answer. It says “Poo-poo from Keun-chan” something like that.
      The letter of your link is “ト[to]”

  1. The correct answer he revealed during JKS stage is “Keun-chan has prepared a present for you!” It’s for Japanese official fan club members. When he was asked Frau, Japanese fan club management company what he wants for his birthday present. He answered, “I don’t have exactly. But instead, I want to give a present for eels. I want to be this zikzin festival more memorable. I want to make the documentary video and give it to them.” This is the answer.

    • O..he is so thoughtful…I hope it will be for sale also..I’ m sure other eels who had no luck or the means to go zikzinfes want a taste of the festival also…crossing fingers here…


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