9 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] MTV JKS TV_20130817”

  1. Finally with Eng sub!!! This is what I am waiting for since the day I saw this video…I just finished watching this now.. Many thanks sis Tenshi for everything… I wish I can repay you with all your hard works & thoughtfulness to us.. love u sis…

  2. Please listen carefully around from 15:32. He said the name where I live in Japan. OMG!!!! T_T
    YMP shooting in Ibaraki was canceled because of earthquake. I think he keeps a wish to visit Ibaraki again even for a private vacation. He sometimes say about Ibaraki. I really appreciate his thoughtfulness.

    • I heard him say it….Sukkie must have a soft spot for Ibaraki..
      He want to go there, camping style and sing songs with his eels around a bonfire with fans who will follow his tweets…If that happen I’m sure you would be there Tenshi…

      Wonder if his acostic feeling for his new shows are derived from that idea…
      He’s full of surprises, that’w why I love him..so hard working, always learning things and always full of ideas..he’s so talented

    • It seems you’re not familiar with soft-subbed video. OK. Below is the direction.

      [[ How to see the subtitles]]
      If you cannot see the English subs, please click “balloon (caption)” button the bottom of YouTube.

      [[ How to Change the background style or font size ]]
      ■To make the captions bigger, click in the player and type +.
      ■To make the captions smaller, click in the player and type -.
      ■To change the color of the captions, mouse over “balloon” and chose “other settings

      You can translate this English subs into other languages using YouTube feature, too.
      Enjoy ^^


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