[Video] Nico Nico Team H program_20130817

Credits: infinitySui
Text translation: tenshi_akuma

JKS: Hello! We are TEAM H.
JKS: Our viewers of Nico Nico regular program ‘Team H party party’, here is Osaka. We have a stage in our first and original ZIKZIN festival. While we’re preparing for the 2nd day and Team H stage, we’re giving you a greeting now. And especially today, Kurt [JKS calls BB Kurt ‘Kato-san’ (It sounds like Mr. Kato in Japanese)], he seems to wanna say something to you in Japanese. Say, please listen to him.
BB: I’m studying Japanese.
BB: “We want you to feel closer to Team H…”
JKS: No, no. Wait. Please try to pronounce like a Japanese. More naturally.
BB: Like a Japanese. I see.
BB: “We are happy if this festival can trigger you feel closer to Team H. We promise Team H goes on ZIKZIN. On August 24th and 25th, at Makuhari Messe, another Zikzin festival is held. You can see Team H there again!”
BB: I will study Japanese.
JKS: Now we are still in Osaka. But if you have something special you want to show in Makuhari, please let us know.
BB: Please let us know. [BB just repeated the last part of JKS’ Japanese. He doesn’t seem to understand the meaning.]
JKS: Well, I think this time new Team H stage is not like our previous one. I mean it’s not like perfectly planned stage. I think it’s more live and impromptu. So, you’ll see real Team H. I think it’s the most important thing. Don’t you think so?
BB: I don’t have anything.
JKS: What? Nothing?
JKS: You mean you don’t have any idea to say in Japanese?
JKS: Anyway, we’ll go and see you soon. Until then, take care! Thank you, everyone!
BB: Ah, thank you very much.
JKS: We are Team H.
BB: We are Team H.
BB: I’ll study Japanese.

Credits: chika8004h

12 thoughts on “[Video] Nico Nico Team H program_20130817”

  1. [Flash report] August 24th Zikzinfes Makuhari will be webcast on nico nico live on 26th, 21:00. But it’s not available outside Japan. So let’s wait to be shared after the webcast ^^

    • Tenshi….That is fantastic!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to see this
      Maybe that’s why I love Team H and JKS for that matter…they are so impromtu, very good in improvising and every show is different and very entertaining
      no dancing in a box and everybody gets a turn like in regular Kpop vids and shows…not my cup of tea anyway…too much cutness, styling and make-up and very predictable..
      I love the random surprises, fantasy tantalizing performances of my beloved artists
      Love the rawness of Team H…Jyo


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