[article] BIG BROTHER of TEAM H becomes a professor and starts lecturing in Sep.

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Source: http://m.news.nate.com/view/20130810n07979
English translation: Wen Lee from ECI and tenshi_akuma

BIG BROTHER (BB), a member of ‘TEAM H’ formed with Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk, becomes a professor.

BB is going to teach this coming September, from their 2nd semester at Myongji University as their special program ‘The 1st series with STAR CLASS’. The theme is ‘Understanding of music producing’ and it lasts for one semester.

‘The 1st series with STAR CLASS’ program invites famous people from various areas such as Miss Korea, Jung Mei-Li, Gymnastics star Park Si-yu, body-building star Lee Jang-Lun, etc. to provide students a high standard of lectures.

BB (Kurt Jung), grown up in U.S.A. has started learning various music genre such as alternative rock, big-band jazz, R&B, folk rock, bossa nova, L.A. metal and so on since he was teens, and developed understandings how to create and design music in his unique way.

As he grows up, he’s gradually become fascinated with electronic music. After he returned to Korea, he’s worked toward producing music with mainly electronic sound. Through working in music studio, his ability in recording and mastering has become more and more mature. BB has been recognized for his talent, and developed a reputation, writing and arranging many CF songs.

BB’s unique and powerful sound got favorable reviews from producers around him. And it’s natural that he started to produce K-POP music. His sound was welcomed by K-POP artists and the management companies.

His original tracks and sounds win great popularity even in foreign countries now, and musicians in U.S.A., Russia, Australia, Japan and China often use his music. He himself is overseas touring now.

Nowadays, he’s trying out different music style with ‘TEAM H’, the group formed with Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk. At the same time, as his own music studio ‘Bigbrother Sound’, he is working with various kinds of artists such as electronic music, hip-hop, indie band, R&B K-POP and so on, and working toward his unique producing style, emphasis on music story and composition with unclassifiable category.

Even in the month of August, he is travelling between Japan & Korea, while recording a new album.

On August 8th, he appeared at Gimpo airport with Jang Keun Suk, departing for Japan to participate two music festivals. One is Asia’s biggest metropolitan music festival ‘SUMMER SONIC 2013’. The other is a holiday resort music festival ‘ZUSHI FES 13’ held by MTV Japan every year.

Not only in Korea, he also has a big fan base in South East Asia. Hearing this news, his fans say, “He has been secretive. We want to take this opportunity to get to know him more.”

*For inquiries or information: http://ice.mju.ac.kr (02) 300-1805~9
*Notice: The 1st series with STAR CLASS http://www.withstarclass.com

9 thoughts on “[article] BIG BROTHER of TEAM H becomes a professor and starts lecturing in Sep.”

  1. I’m glad to know Big Brother via TeamH and he is really a good senior for Sukkie and I’m glad they are good friends since Hanyang University.. even my mum said BB is good when we watch TeamH performance together on DVD

  2. Wowww…..I feel sooo proud of BB with this news!!! I also know him thru Team H. I like him for his musical talents and love him for being sooooo nice humble person and always being loveable big brother to JKS. Sukkie is sooo lucky to have good friend like BB!!!

    I wish him more GREAT success!!!! Go Go Go BB!!!! You can do it!!!

  3. He will learn more becoming a professor. Metalearning will help him become a good professor. Reflection on how he learned to do it through his experience will makehim a good teacher. Congratulations!!!

  4. he is a talented man too..i think he learn what he love frm the start..i dont know how good is him but listen to IJWHF album..his music are solid and flawless. i dont prefer that genre but i love his music arrangement..its sound fresh and universal.

  5. Team H is such a wonderful collaboration between the very public Sukkie and the very private BB. Every time I listen to the IJWHF cd (which is every day) it sounds new and different due to the intricate accompaniments of sounds and instruments. I am so happy for Kurt in this honor to share his knowledge and passion with the fortunate students who will taking his class. I look forward to more Team H music and a world tour!

    • Yes agree with you..eventhough I’ve listened to IJWHF for I don’t know how many times…
      I’m so happy for BB able to do this…Sukkie will be so proud of him too


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