[article] Flash live report about Palm Tree Stage on Aug. 9th!

Source: MTV Japan
English translation: tenshi_akuma

It’s TEAM H who had the honor of closing for the first day of ZUSHI FES 13. Before their appearance on the stage, Palm Tree Stage was already on fire. As soon as TEAM H appeared on the stage, the crowed gave a huge, huge, huge cheer. Following what BIG BROTHER said to the audience, “Zushi, are you ready?”, Palm Tree Stage changed into enthusiastic dance time.

In contrast to BIG BROTHER’s strong and distorting voice, it’s Jang Keun Suk whose sexy vocal made the audience excited. Dancing windingly, he walked around on the stage from side to side, then fueled the audience’s excitement. On the other hand, JKS said ‘ami [net]’ when he meant to say ‘umi [ocean]’. Then, he showed us his well-known Do-S [Super sadistic] character, saying “Don’t laugh at me! You should accept that as I’m non-Japanese!”, which entertained the audience. In the sunset over the sea, Jang Keun Suk was dancing more intensely than anyone and got the eye from the audience. From beginning to end, he sang and dance in a cool way, but his performance was enough to prove he really enjoyed the stage.

When they sang ‘What is your name? (Japanese ver.)’, a cheer arose from the audience. When they sang ‘Liquor shot’, JKS was singing, lying on the stage. ‘NO HUMAN SMELL’ made the audience jump in unison, which brought the hottest air to Palm Tree Stage. And lastly, BIG BROTHER stimulated the audience’s excitement explosively with ‘SHAKE IT -JPN ver.-‘ Then, their non-stop dance time was over.

*Set list of Zushi festival 13

I just wanna have fun
Can’t stop
What is your name?
Liquor shot
Party tonight
Beautiful change
Rock and roll tonight

11 thoughts on “[article] Flash live report about Palm Tree Stage on Aug. 9th!”

  1. thanks for shearing 🙂
    sukkie should start filming for his drama now ..but still he has long hair ..so may be he wont cut it for his next drama aswell ..and still no lead actress
    you can really see that he is being really secret bout this drama.. i think he dont want us to get really excited and make it as a surprise for us. and also kinda hidden from other actors . any way wish all the best for him . and we’ll always support him 🙂

      • Not all drama needs to be filmed early, its just different in the case of LR. Production would start filming within a month before its scheduled airing most of it. So if the airing for Sukkie’s drama will be confirmed by December, so i guess news about it will start coming by October. Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much sis Tenshi for being so great in everything that you have done… Your translation is always excellent… I love the energy of Team H… with the list of songs that they sang I’m pretty sure that all the audience really enjoyed their performance…

  3. Thank you so much for translating, sis Kaori-chan! Wow, they had the honour to be the finale act. I hope they get invited again next year!

  4. Tenshi thanks again..I can really imagining myself being there watching Sukkie dancing and singing sexyily and BB as sturdy as he gets…They really command the stage
    Hope they have energy for tomorrow 🙂

  5. I am very proud to our Team H! To end a program is a big responsibility coz you have to give the final blast!! And our Suk and BB did an excellent performance!! Wow! I glad i became an eel 😀

    Thanks dear Tenshi.. You really great 🙂

  6. Of course they leave the ending of the party two the boys who know how to whoop it up proper!!! So would have given anything to be there!!!


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