[08.08.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

Chinese eels, hello~~! It’s been a long time to visit Weibo as I’ve been recently doing on LINE.. How have you been?? Even though we are far away, you celebrate my birthday together and continue supporting me. I really thank you.. Someday I hope to hold Zikzin festival in China as well, right?? Ah.. before that, I should go to the Great Wall of China first of all..-_-??
중국장어들 안녕~~! 그 동안 라인만 하다보니 웨이보는 오랜만이네.. 다들 잘 지내지?? 멀리 떨어져 있는데도 생일을 함께 축하해주고 응원해줘서 고마워 진짜로.. 언젠가는 중국에서도 직진페스티발 할 수 있겠지?? 아.. 그전에 만리장성을 먼저가야하나..-_-??

7 thoughts on “[08.08.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. So thoughtful of you Mahal! Wish we can meet someday! 🙂

    Thanks Tenshi for this wonderful update… You are awesome as always 🙂

  2. He looks perfect – perfect complexion without any make up, perfect hairstyle with killer sideburn, perfect smile, perfect figure ……

    So glad to hear that he will keep his promise – dancing at the Great Wall! He is so thoughtful and sweet 🙂


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