3 thoughts on “[fan-cam 1] JKS arrived in Haneda airport_20130808”

  1. sis Kaori chan, thank you sooo much for posting Japan Airport Vidoes. I almost missed this thread.

    I never get tired of watching his arrival in Japan because of the enthusiastic warm and loud welcome Blue eels give to our Prince. The way eels chanting his name “Keun-Chan…Keun-Chan….” I feel like chanting with them too…kkkkk. This Fans’ action at the Airport always amaze me…and make me wonder if I have a chance to receive him at my Home Town’s Airport, would I go chanting and screaming his name like those eels…LOL. wwww….I saw a woman holding her Baby in one of the videos!!!

    What’s testimony of True Love to wait long long hours to see him for few Minutes!!!


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