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  1. A breath taking FA. Thank you for sharing Tenshi Akuma.
    Loved reading the details and your experience, especially the part of a little girl singing and cheering prince, too.

    • hello Angel88, you’re right, too i excited when our dear Tenshi mentioned about the little girl singing, it was so nice to know that there now a new Generation of Eels whom love and enjoy of Jang keun suk’s music and dramas. Jang keun suk is a big Idol, actor and DJ. I’m proud of him. but I also excited when an eel was singing the song “rain” moved my heart also to know that Jang keun suk’s heart was so touch by the song “rain” and know that his dear eel knew the letter of his song “Rain”, so much that he excited and gave her a hug. this was so nice ^^ Jang keun suk is a good, sweet and talented man.

      i always support him.

      • As We know, Before, Jang Keun Sun didn’t have a sweet tooth, but , Now “Yes”, ^_^ I even saw some pics (2012-2013) where Jang keun suk is eating mint chocolate at the airport and lollipop at his company. i think in present, he likes the sweet things. He’s so sweet boy. I love him.

        woow! he licked some cream and ate a STRAWBERRY. Too I want a bit. pls. ^_^.

        so nice Fest. Zikzin!. the dancers are so good guys.

        ^_^ Jank Keun Suk, BB and dancers looks like a group Idol.

  2. Thank you, Tenshi, for this. I now feel like I was there, with you, in the theater!

    And yes, I will always support JKS because he’s real. He’s not faking, he’s not pretending… I really dislike when people judge someone based on rumors or misinformation.

    Everyone who got to know JKS became good friends with him, and the more important part, they STAYED good friends.

    All his co-workers (HeeChul, YAB cast, etc.), his friends from University (BB, Prhyme, etc) and many others (eg. Hyunduk Alex Suhr from Cola Mercato) that have met him are still close to him (and, for some, we’re talking 10 or more years of knowing each other) and they hang out often, even with their busy schedules.

    That alone tells me how good and trustworthy person he is! It’s not something you find often (if at all) in showbiz… And that’s good enough for me 🙂

    Peace out!

  3. Hi sis tenshi! Good morning to you…honestly, I am in the middle of my long hours of duty in the hospital right now but when I saw your post in the ECI I couldn’t help myself but to take sometime to read your FA. I feel like I am also at the event though the excitement is nothing as compared to all of you who really witnessed the actual event. I never imagine myself into same situation as yours sis. Maybe if I am in that same position…All I will do is to watch him performing until the end of the show. I don’t think that I can still recall every details of the show like you have done right now. You were always great and amazing sis… Many thanks for sharing your precious moments with us. You are so special to me my dear friend tenshi.. thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing!! I always enjoy reading your FA and this made me feel I was there at Osaka fes too!!! Love this boy for who he is, the real JKS!

  5. I am so happy reading this and learned how happy thousands of Japanese eels were on his birthday. Our Prince birthday is the day that eels all over the world always enjoy as much as the Prince. Thanks to Sis Tenshi for sharing your touching experience with us.

  6. Thank you so much for the great FA, Kaori Chan. For us, who couldn’t attend the Zikzin Fes, this means a lot. I enjoyed reading every words of it. His dedication to his fans and his own career really touched me so much. He seems know everything of what fans thinking. I respect him more and more. “Believe me!” That’s should be the new slogan after Zikzin! Sukkie, I believe you!!!

  7. Sis Kaori chan, thank you soooo much for your wonderful warm and heart-felt FA. I love all your FAs because you write from the heart and you seem to converse Sukkie’s feelings sooo well!! Every time I read your FA, I make a wish I’m be able to attend his SHOW or Fan Meeting, at lease just one in this life time. I love him sooo much.

    When I first read the phrase, “I believe you….please believe me, too” in ECI, my heart melts and my tears keep falling because I feel his pleading….I feel his sincere….I feel touch by him.

    To me, Jang Keun Suk is more than my STAR.
    He is my inspiration.
    He is my happy daily Vitamin. There is never a dull moment being his eel.
    He is one of the reasons I have met soooo many good friends around the world.
    He is like my little brother. I feel very protective of him when some hateful people attacking him or spreading untrue lies and rumors about him.
    Jang Keun Suk, I promise you, with honesty of my heart, I’ll always be your eel, will always love and support you in whatever projects you will produce. I always believe in you. I AM PROUD YOU ARE MY STAR and I am proud to be your EEL!!!!!

    As for those FANs who left you, it’s alright….. don’t get too heart broken by them. As Kaori chan said……people change, their interests change as well. The world is changing every day. You might loss some fans, but you also gain some more new fans every day. So be proud that you had made those people, who left you, happy at one point in their life and ……. please continue to make millions more people happy knowing you and watching your works.

    Please remember!!!!! You still have millions more eels around the world who love you, love the REAL you. True eels will always stay and stand with you, no matter what happens!!!

    Please continue doing your hardest BEST in whatever that you do. Please stay strong and never loss HOPE. Please keep on ZikZin!!!!!

    • Yeah…so agree with you Kailey : )

      Tenshi I thank you for your FA…it’s like I was there…
      Love you shared your love for Sukkie with us so we get to join in the fun
      I really wish I was there for it felt more private and personal this time…not a perfect show but really like a day in a themepark..like being in his CRI II show…his magic world..

  8. Thank you for sharing to us. I do not have more wirds firu Sis, only this ” please do not leave him for whatever happen on him in the future” your believ is his believes. Your story this is one of the memorable story i will remember then other FA before. Like what i had in my memory on 2011. Thank you again fir sharing. Love u sis.

  9. Thanks for your FA, Tenshi! You made me feel like I was there with you.

    This boy is really something. His sincerity is beyond reproach and for that, I totally admire him. With him, you always feel a connection, like he’s your friend or something; and I think it is because of that sincerity, and the warmth and appreciation towards his fans that he conveys through words, actions or the simple twinkle in his eyes each time he sees them. I will always love this boy for who he is no matter what!

  10. Thank you for sharing, Tenshi. I love reading it.You describe it well and I can feel your love to him :). I really respect Him for being who he is, the real him. Honesty is his virtue. I will always support him and keep him in mind.

  11. Sis Tenshi, thank you so much for sharing your FA. I am crying now after reading the part “Please believe me, too”! I only knew and love JKS for about one and half years, but I am just like you Sis Tenshi, I’m always feeling close to him even I can’t see him in person. I love real JKS – honesty and true to himself! I will believe, support and love him as long as and as much as I can!

  12. Thank you so much Tenshi for sharing and noting down your FA in details. It is my first time celebrating JKS’s birthday in ECI pond as i am still a new eel. And i promise myself that for the next coming years, i will be right there on August 4 to celebrate and wish him happy birthday. I believe you, JKS, and i will continue love you as long as i am still alive.

  13. I was crying throughout your FA. Especially to the part when he said.. “Even if you cannot see me”. It seems like he was talking to us.. It’s been a very tiring day for us admins here in Philippines because of the preparations we needed to make for his bday celebration, but reading your FA makes me feel like he’s very close to us. Waaa early morning drama again. I can’t wait to see him in person, but until then I will be here supporting him regardless of the distance. As a new eel, I can really feel how much he loves his fans, yeah your stories and other FAs always strikes through my heart as if he was really here close to me. Tears of joy it is. All the sleepless nights and efforts we made for him is really worth it. Thanks for sharing this FA with us sis. I can’t wait to create my own. ^^ ZIKZIN!!

    • I also thought the same thing as you felt that he spoke to us eels all over the world, not only to the audience. Even if you international eels couldn’t attend live show this time, but I was really sure that he spoke to us all and he knows us who are always supporting him no matte what.

  14. Well said Kailey! People’s interests sometimes change, and maybe they’ll come back to Sukkie when things calm down in their lives. But he definitely should be happy that he had their hearts in the palm of his hand, at least for a while. And who knows, maybe something else will spark their attention and encourage them again to “taste” the Wonderful World of Jang Keun Suk.

    Tenshi_Akuma, your words as usual dear Eel sister, have captured our imagination, and wrapped themselves around our hearts. Thanks for making us feel as if “we were there”… and letting us put ourselves, for a moment, in the seat of the “little girl” next to you! <3

  15. Thank you so much for Sharing Tenshi. This is the only FA that I’ve read so far that bring me much closer to him with strong feeling. I feel so much on this paragraph
    “You are always supporting me even if we can’t see each other in person. I’m really appreciated… Then, please believe me, too.” He said the word like this.”

    Whenever he mentioned ”please believe me, my heartaches.. hope he don’t have to mention it anymore” As long as my heart still goes to JKS, I will always believe in you and love you, my Prince.

  16. wow..missed this! Thanks so much, Tenshi for sharing your experience in the Zikzin Fes. Can’t agree with you more..he’s become the superstar and yet still the same Keun Suk we all know. Your sharing makes me conclude the wonderful moment (never mind the seating in the cinema) you and other eels had last Sunday. Thanks so much again, and hope that we all experience this kind of event, together.^^!

    P.S. Keun Suk-ah, true eels believe and only look at you, kitto. 🙂

  17. This is one reason why he is a true Hallyu star the world should get to know him better. Please tweet #JKS1million and @AsiaPrince_JKS with one word, statement, poem, picture, song, or video to describe your feelings for oppa. This will direct the curious to follow him @AsiaPrince_JKS so that he can reach one million followers on Twitter! I have two requests if he succeeds: 1. TreeJ gets his Twitter account verified; maybe he’ll tweet again. 2) Sukkie will do Tok Dance (anywhere) with Princess Suni. ^^

  18. Thanks for sharing Tenshi!! It was August last year when I watched my first Korean drama (YAB) and became curious about who JKS was. When I googled him, this was the first web site that popped up. I spent so many hours going back thru months of posts on this site. This is how I came to know and love him. Thanks for all your hard work! It’s so nice of all of you (Jksforever and Eci admin) to spend your precious time translating and posting. I’m having so much fun and I’m waiting for the day that he will make plans to be in the US. Zikzin!!

  19. Tenshi, thanks sharing a most wonderful account of the festivities. Interests may change, tastes may change but hearts, hearts always stay connected. There is a difference between being entertained and sharing an experience. An experince from the heart is what keeps people coming back. Let those who just want to be entertained move on to something else.

  20. Thanks tenshi! I was really moved with your article, you were really able to convey JKS emotions into words. I cried while reading your entry. I was too moved on how JKS was feeling. He might be acting princely but you just need to know how he is as a person to his Eeels! He really expresses his emotions through his words and his music.

    I also remember on one of his interviews when he agreed he can sing bad he is bad with lip sync – a true artist!♥♥♥

    JKS may be our prince but he is very down to earth! He acknowledges that his fame might not be forever but he must be happy and he values his Eeels very much.

    We love you prince! And we wills also be here to support you.

  21. Thank you kaori…… your fa is sooo well written its as tho I feel like I am there feeling his true emotions….. I can finally get true insights of what he says as all the shows that I attended was never spoken in English therefore I never know what exactly was spoken by him truly. Have always loved his honesty which is how he is different from the rest and why I love him soo much………. 죠 직진……

  22. Thank you Tenshi for your FA made me understand what he saying during the show! I read with my teardrop..lol

    He always trying to do his best for his eels. I’m so pround of him.

    To be honest, I never regret since I followed him. My eyes log on him only and always believe in him..lol..

    Zikzin Fes at Osaka so fantastic!! I really have a great experience on his birthday.^_^

  23. Thank you for writing that! Makes me feel like I was there sharing the experience with you and the other eels. Granted, a little late being on the other side of the world, but better late than never right? Lol 🙂 can’t wait to hear news of JKS and Team H coming to the US too!

    If he happens to see this: Don’t give up. I’ve always believed that you can do whatever you set your mind and heart to. You’re a great actor, amazing singer/writer/composer, and somehow are a great human being with an amazing heart underneath it all. I can only imagine what being a world-renowned celebrity is like, but don’t loose yourself. Dunno about other eels, but I know I love our free-spirited Prince and all his crazy adventures 🙂

  24. I am grateful tenshi for your brief summary of zikzin fest, even on reading it only i feel the intense of the event.. i was teary eyed and i could hardly breath while reading this.. i so love JKS..so much! .. and as payback to his love to me as an eel, i can only promise him my love and my loyalty.. i am so much touched .. stunned til now..

  25. What a heart touching FA.It brought tears into my eyes while readinG. As an international eel I am really really glad and happy to be a part of huge eel world. Even I haven’t seen him in person,I truely felt him inside my heart. The way he sing , act and talk is unbearable b coz he speaks to the heart .

    Dear Jang Keun Suk if you ‘re true to your words and very down to earth. You mean each and every word you say and your heart is so deep like the sea.

    you’re the boy who can incredibly charm the whole world

    You are more than a celebrity to me…JYO ZIKZIN FOREVER AND TOGETHER…..

  26. I really so thankful for you sis Tenshi for always sharing your FA to us, every time I read all your FA I could imagine myself how blissful i am to have you , because you are a big big help for us to let us know everything happen to our prince, about ZiKzin festival wow!I couldn’t even knows about it and whats gonna happen that fest without you that heartely you shared it to us my respect and my bow is all I can offer you thank you for always giving me happiness 🙂 <3

  27. You always achieve to make us feel as if we were there:))) thank you so much Tenshi Akuma ….I never wanted to be there so much before …I hope he takes his show to Europe and USA like a mixture of Cri Show,TeamH party,Zikzin festival so that we can get to enjoy being part of his live performances.I have never seem such a hard working and pioneering artist like him before!!! He is a born star but he never gives up Fighting !!!! I❤JKS Zikzin !!!

  28. Thank you Tenshi for sharing. I feel closer to him just by reading this. I would cry if I were actually there. May our loves for prince give him the confidence that no matter what we’ll be there to support him and not to mention b.e.l.i.e.v.e. in him!

  29. Thanks so much Tenshi for your FA. I was so touched reading this part…”You are always supporting me even if we can’t see each other in person. I’m really appreciated… Then, please believe me, too.” Unlike many lucky eels, I have yet to see JKS in person but rest assured, I’ll keep on supporting him and believing in him…pinky promise 🙂

  30. Thanks Kaori Chan, you are such an eels’ angel, I was deeply moved by your FA. Eel knows that Prince is expressive and articulate, but even so he would have to rely on fans like to get his message sent to the wider audience!

  31. Thanks for such a beautiful Fan Account… you are an amazing eel.

    I am believing in my star too. He doesn’t do any bad things and just wants to live his life.

    How can people be sure about rumors and blame him?

    for the part “I’m worried about how long the happiness continues.” so sad 🙁 he is an insecure kid 🙁 hope he will stay at top forever *.*

    For words about not seeing him. I believe being a fan without seeing him in such a distance is really precious. Generaly international fans don’t have hope to see him or just a little hope. but love doesn’t mean touching or seeing. you can feel love still.

    for your word about change… I remember one of my tweets *.* I tweeted to him 😛

    “Things change… People change… Time passes… Sometimes you just don’t want to say anything or do anything. Even you like him/her, you just don’t want to say or do anything. And sometimes, you just don’t like her/him anymore. Relationships can end. You can just remember old, warm, sincere days… Because now they are history – past. You just have to accept the new situation and continue. Because you changed, he/she changed. Everything changed. Change is not something one way, I believe…

    Just my inner talk… I need to write somewhere – someone!”

    again thanks for sharing

  32. Kaori, thanks so much for letting us see the event through your eyes… more impotantly, you write it with such emotions that invoke deep feelings to your readers too! I love the way you write! Sukkie is lucky to have you as the main ‘spokesperson’ who bridges every eel across the globe… he should employ you!! Then you can employ me kkkkk!!! Love you Kaori-chan!!! (No more pix to ‘kill’ me??)

  33. What a wonderful account! It made JKS seem real to us and not just a distant walking mannequin surrounded by bodyguards. He really does try so hard to furnish just exquisite entertainment to his fans. Also, you can sense his gratitude. Thanks again for sharing. Dena, a Seattle fan

  34. thank you for sharing your experience with us, other eels. i am a new fan of JKS and i admire him truly for what he is: an intelligent person who strives for success in everything he does. What sets him apart from other idols is the fact that he truly loves his eels, appreciates their love and thinks always of how to make them happy. Here are some proofs:
    1. I saw a video that shows he was worried his fans would get wet because it was raining heavily. Can you imagine that?
    2. He makes it a point to go near the eels that are seated farthest away in his concerts. He used a crane to do this. He uses various stages that take him near the fans, although it takes a lot of energy to run along long stages instead of staying only in one place.
    I am so glad he has many fans who love him. Please cntinue to support him so he can achieve his dreams!


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