[article] Jang Keun Suk, Fascinates Japan With His Live Stage In ZIKZIN FESTIVAL

Source: http://m.star.naver.com/asiaprince/
[OSEN= Yoon Ga-e] Jang Keun Suk boasted his popularity by overwhelming the audience on stage in Osaka.

Jang Keun Suk is going beyond being a world prince and now becoming a cultural brand. He participated in ZIKZIN FESTIVAL, one of the biggest expos.

Jang Keun Suk’s ZIKZIN world started on 3rd and began with his massive fan entering the venue. The festival that washed away the summer heat followed.

The ‘ZIKZIN FESTIVAL’ consisted of INDIAN SUMMER section, ELECTRICAL SUMMER section, and EXPO ZONE. INDIAN SUMMER section was prepared for Jang Keun Suk’s special live stages, ELECTRICAL SUMMER section was for Jang Keun Suk’s project group Team-H’s DJing show, and EXPO Zone had shops with various themes.

From 1p.m. to 3p.m. Jang Keun Suk was on stage performing 15 songs including ‘Indian Summer’ which was a song in the album ‘Nature Boy’ released in May. From 6 to 8p.m. Team-H’s performed 20 songs creating an exclusive electronic world. The festival was a proof of Jang Keun Suk’s never-ending energy. His influence was confirmed through the festival since around 24 thousand seats were all sold out only in Osaka.

Meanwhile, Jang Keun Suk had a surprise birthday party on 4th with his Korean fans before leaving Korea. He is planing to rent 57 theatres in Japan to air the festival live for the fans that could not make it to the event.

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  1. I’m glad to attend the Osaka Zikzin festival with other eels from ECI… I’m still having beautiful memories of the 2-day events..4 concerts and I really must say Thank You to Sukkie for his hardwork in planning this event as I can see he may be the first artiste in the world to come up with such big scale expo concept concert.. really great leadership involved with a great team with him ^_^ I enjoy so much with the passionate eels from Japan and international eels who went to the concerts.. Sukkie’s performance is just electrifying and he really commands the live stage so well with his good & powerful vocal as well as his ever charming stage presence… Let’s cheer him & eels for the upcoming Tokyo Zikzin festival in late Aug!!!

    • You were at his festivals???????????
      Wow…I’m sure you had a great time…
      I hope some of the eels will share there fan account with us..
      Dying to know : )

      • Mamacri, sure…we have few of ECI sis who went to the concert together…we will share the fan account here later when we get back home ^_^

    • alex, this post is a joke!! BB and JKS are teasing their fans. We, eels, see many many pictures like this or even worst than what you post now. There is nothing to hide about JKS. When he said he is not GAY, I believe him!!!!

      However, to be honest with you, if Jang Keun Suk is a gay for real. I would whole-heartly love a gay JKS. Him being gay will not change my feeling for him. I am only his fan. I’m not his Mama, sister, or relative; therefore, as long as Sukkie is still acting, singing, and performing, especial still is a NICE NICE person, I would continue to love and support him.

      By the way, thank you for following Sukkie’s news and updates up until now. If you won’t follow him anymore, I understand you,…obliviously you have different values and tastes in life.

      • yea that picture is just a joke..i have a lot of friends doin that too they even try posing kissing like but its all a joke even my hubby and his friends do that all the time..when I saw it I just laugh coz I know its how they are..close friends do that all the time…

    • Alex…don’t know if you still around and read this…but….IS THIS IMPORTANT???? or are you wavering because you don’t know how to “handle” JKS anymore…
      It does not matter to me if Sukkie is gay or not for his work; and how he is as a person is all that is important to me; and a nice packaging is icing on the cake…..
      But I, like many other eels believe him if he say he’s not and that even he wonders that he’s not gay with all these “gay” things he does or has to do in E bizz…but as long as he says he’s not than he’s not…I’m sure Sukkie if he would find out one day or come to know for sure he would not choose to lie about it because these things don’t keep very well as secrets…
      He knows that…he’s not stupid…
      If his mother says he is a very honest child I agree with her for he has always been upfront and frank..
      A bit stupid of BB to put up such pic that can harm his friend; a pic taken right after their performance when they are half dead from their heavy performance….not so flattering…but hey; we don’t know the content nor the circumstance…who cares…
      Team H is good!!!!
      Alex…and any other wavering eel for that matter….
      If you love JKS than just love him no matter what or what the future will bring…if you don’t just let go and look for some other artist (who has more fakeness or many corpses in the closet)…
      In case of wavering…I suggest you backread all that is JKS..esp the interviews and his own one on one relating to fans…there are some good answers to be found…I esp love all the bts of his shows and drama’s; there is much to be learned from these; how he behaves, his gestures, his way of speech, how he looks etc..body language..
      If you are or were a real fan of JKS, the outside of him…(dressing up/playing a role)or his sex preferences would not matter to you..
      People will always find way to bash one/something that is difficult to confine; let us be honest…Sukkie is always leaving others in his trail to follow…
      For you to choose…Are you looking at JKS to bash or to love…that is the question…
      The artist can’t do anything about that..he’s just the artist so he will do what he as an artist wants to do or does best…in Sukkies case..Acting, Singing…songwriting, performance planning, managing etc….
      We choose to like it or not..
      I choose to love him …and not spoilt the fun for other eels in being negative about anything..PEACE AND ZIKZIN

    • Hahaha… This is too funny! He’s not gay, nor is BB. They always tease each other on purpose and post pics like this. It’s their internal joke. If you’d follow Team H, you’d know.

      Anyways, that is not the point… Judging someone and their hard work just on being gay or not is really childish, corny and outdated.

      But hey, it’s a free world so you can choose whatever you want.

      Peace out!

    • In fact, we are laughing with all eels as only eels know Suk is teasing us on his birthday, really a great fan service!!! ^_^ that is why eels love Suk for…even at the concert, he would tease the eels and make us laugh every now n then…even making us cry with tears when he talked to eels his feeling…though I don’t understand what he said in Japanese..I could feel the sincerity through the little chat in between with the cheering from Japanese eels around me…

    • alex, I really felt sad with your reaction, for me JKS is not just an artist that I admire but also person whom I respect and love. You cannot judged him just like that…

    • We don’t judge a person by his sexual preferences. Whether JKS is gay or not is not important to his true fans… we love him as an excellent actor and singer and what is more important is the fact that he always brings joy to his fans through his work and personality.

      As long as he is still the same guy with great character and talent, I will always support JKS.

      P/S : What’s wrong with being a gay? If a gay doesn’t kill, rob or commit crimes that harm others, is it fair to judge someone based solely on his / her sexual inclination?

    • I continue to be a steady fan of JKS. His kind of charisma cannot be projected by “gay” people. However, in any event, I am a fan of his work and his incredibly beautiful singing voice, his talent, his intelligence, etc. As fans, we can only view from outside. Even if we were at a performance, the airport, etc., he would be shielded by polite, but very powerful, bodyguards. To know him personally, one must be a close friend or member of the family. I think that is true of all celebrities. I will continue to buy his CD’s, DVD’s, etc., and if I am in the area and can get a ticket, I will certainly attend one of his concerts. Dena, a U.S.A. fan

  2. Honestly not all of us knows the real JKS, but we can’t deny the fact that we liked and loved him for what he is. Let us not dwell too much on this issue. For me he is not,I wish him the best in life. Always stay happy….

    • I checked your link Iianayus..so true while I was scrolling the picture there are a lot of artist wearing weird stuff..i was like wow they are wayyyy weird than jang geun suk..then I saw his picture ahahahahhahahah his part of those artist wearing weird stuff but damn..don’t he look soooo adorable hehehe..soooo cute in his weirdness..love jks…

      • Since I only have eyes for Sukkie I was not aware of how other stars dresses…OMO!!!

        Well…some off the pics on news.line…Yeah…what can I say..compared with what Sukkie puts on his style is almost demure…LOL; some off them are really overstyled….
        still JKS carries everthing so well..even if it can’t be done it still is…hahaha; he has that physique of a model

  3. Alex this is especially for you and the new eels :))) Let’s say you are a star and let’s say you get thousands of messages from your fans everyday !it’s not possible to follow them daily like in Suk’s position. Of course he is happy that he is appreciated by so many internationally and he can’t thank them everyday.In order to show how pleased he is he uses different applications updating news about him:))) I am sure he was extremely joyful about the outcome of the expo experience and wanted to celebrate it with his buddies and he also wanted his eels to be sharing the fun moments, thus he pretended like he was an eel of BB cause he was talking about this issue during the festival most of the time …and he just wanted to tease BB meaning he has a few eels in number compared to JKS worshippers …and maybe somehow he is trying to draw the attention to BB on his own way!!! He doesn’t say it directly but we all know that BB plays a very important role for TeamH. I guess without him it wouldn’t be such a big success. I believe he wanted put a smile on our and BB’s face on that very special day showing how much he appreciates every effort ….this is JKS and how he goes …u all know he is witty and wise in his behaviors and this is just one of them :))) omg he gave me a blast with his face expressions …that’s it !!! He thinks positive and so do we

    • Hahaha…agree…Sukkie is such a protein….he’s the biggest fan of BB and unlike us…eels and proteins alike we are never gonna we so close to BB as protein Sukkie will get…..
      He is such a tease!!!!!!!!!!!!sitting all close to his star…. OMG LOL

  4. Hey, you’ve got to give BB props for being comfortable enough in his own sexuality to tolerate his friend’s silliness and be able to post it online knowing there’s going to be negative feedback.
    I feel bad that a very nice article was hijacked like this. Thanks for posting, Tenshi!

  5. yeahh me too i don’t believe jang guen suk is gay.. he is totally awesome a person with so much talent.. love jks forever #04

  6. Hi,As fans of JKS we should not care about this rumors, we like him, his acting his voice his singing his performance his personalities ,don’t have to concentrate on his personal life .Look! He was in such a good mood in his Macau trip ,smiling face all the time even though he did put on a little bit of weight but still so handsome . We fans only concern about his happiness . Good luck good health God bless you . Hope you will find your better half ,have babies and happy family .we fans all love you support you all the way fighting


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