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I can’t call him ‘big brother’ because he is as old as my dad…. hum… difficult… difficult…. anyway… just a beautiful man and beautiful…… hum… okay!! beautiful glasses…. lolol XD
tenshi_akuma’s note: He’s Song Byeong-joon, CEO and executive producer of group 8 that produces that JKS’ new drama “Beautiful Man”. In an interview, he said as follows. “What we think is the most important is casting and storyline. We don’t select star actors just because of their fame. How much they suit the character is important. We discuss the storyline with scriptwriter over and over”. According to his interview, he is really particular about making good dramas. I haven’t watched their dramas before, but I know many were successful. I’m looking for their chemistry.

형을 형이라 부르지 못하는 이유는 우리 아버지와 같은 연배시기 때문이고.. 어렵다 어려워 ㅋㅋ 예쁜남자와 예쁜…음…아…그냥 예쁜안경~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  1. I agree what Lynn says. Yms. I’m very happy to hear this new drama. But who is the lead female?

  2. Tenshi Akuma Sis, I thought it was confirmed….who makes official announcement, Group of 8 and then followup press release from Tree-J?
    I like this photo of the smiling, naturally, happy Keun Suk-ssi. I can see why he likes CEO, Song Byeong-Joon, The man has a good face with intelligence, warmth, humor and wisdom, he will work well with our Little Prince.
    Let this be a successful and fruitful project for JKS moving forward towards his dreams.
    Champagne wishes to our own beautiful man, JKS!!

  3. Really curious to know more about the beautiful Dokgo Ma-te…does he have a dark side despite his good looks and charisma? BTW, his name is Matthew Dokgo in an article I read somewhere 🙂

  4. The beauty of prince Jang outside is really pretty but I think that’s not the only reason why the producer choose him being a lead actor of Beautiful Man drama , I think the producer seen how really prince Jang had a great talent and ability when it comes of acting . His not only a good looking but he also a good and talented actor and keep most his feet is always on the ground and a very humble person .

  5. I wish he will be paired up with another female actress apart from those who had acted with him before; so there will be a great suprised for all his fans. I agree with all the his fans, he deserves to act in this new drama. It seems to show his characteristics which not all about his look but also his ability, talent and his inner personality that wrap up into one package ‘Beautiful Man’.
    LOOKING FORWARD for his new drama
    GOOD LUCK geun suk ssi


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