29 thoughts on “[Pics] BTS of Naver LINE Jang Keun Suk “STARCAST””

  1. Perfect at every angle..
    He’s so James…or is James so like Sukkie…so cute
    Must be like a fun rollercoaster ride working for him…LOL

  2. Tenshi Akuma, Farina,
    That bed is getting crowded, I was planning to go there too….and I am your senior so I should be able to test the pond first. LOL

    By the way, who is James?
    Champagne wishes,
    Noona in Boca Rato,

    • Hi, I never heard of a joke targeting blonde guys – plenty of jokes about blonde women. I come from an area where many very light blondes live. Therefore, I think JKS is stunning when he is photographed as a brunette. Lush black hair. Again, I’m so sorry his concert is being postponed – but I will continue to buy his DVD’s and CD’s. He would have been wonderful in “Rooftop Prince” – however, Mickey Yoo-Chun was very, very good. I hope JKS’s next drama is very well-written! U.S.A. fan Dena from Seattle

    • James is the name of one of LINE characters, blond guy. It’s been well-known that James resembles Sukkkie. And now Sukkie officially seems to admit it, so he’s trying to take photos looking like James. Here I show you some funny comics.
      JAMES profile: He cares about his appearance over everything else. Annoying, but you have to love him!
      Please read 10, 11 and 12 story!!! : D

  3. Love him with double chin!!! (Actually love him, baby belly, double chin, cruel look, silly look, in trash, in tuxedo, just simply love him.) Crazy, crazy, crazy!!!

    Hello Susann, nice to see you here again. I’ve been busy too after the university semester started this month. Btw, you may not play Line where they have different emoticons, and stickers represented different personas, James is one of them. Our Prince identifies himself as James who has blond hair. Btw Susann, in American culture people always make jokes of Blonds that are mainly feminine. What is the image of Blond guys in American culture? Are they the same as Blond girls? I guess not.

  4. Sukkie just makes me smile. Especially when I see him happy and smiling it make me feel good. Yeah I love this boy he is just amazing!

  5. Tenshi Akuma,
    Thank you for James. I love him….he’s so JKS…obsessed with style, fashion and appearance. But this is crucial for who he is, however, James just like Sukkie doesn’t take himself too seriously. Our JKS loves to laugh and it is one of his endearing charms.
    Notice James’ long, blonde hair, glass of red wine, handsome, fashion forward, checking image in mirror….so everything though casual looking is spot on perfect. That ‘s our Asia Prince and why he is so loved.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams dear sis.

  6. Hi Sudie,
    In the U.S., there is the standard dumb blonde jokes. It only applies to women, since men are the one’s cracking the jokes!
    It’s based on a Marilyn Monroe type, well-endowed twins, blonde hair, and hopefully for the men she’s an air-head so they can score. Sometimes I have a friend who sends me dumb blonde jokes, because I am also a blonde!

    It does not apply to men. Blonde men in fairy tales are always Prince Charming…..Sukkie probably knows this. The color of a man’s hair depends on what you are personally attracted to.
    As far as our Little Prince, the color of his hair is irrelevant….it’s his charm, intellect, humor, good looks, talent….he is the total package; hence he is fascinating and captures everyones’ attention. Thus, our eyes are drawn to him and only him.
    Champagne wishes from Sukkie’s blonde in Boca Raton, Florida

  7. I from malaysia, very upset that until now i cant find his nature boy album.
    I already go few place, they still said dont have his album. T_T
    I want to buy his cd!!!

  8. Sis Susann, Thanks for confirmation about blonde guys. I don’t
    know whether you know Troy Donohue, dark, tall, blonde, and handsome like our Prince. Beyond Troy, our Prince is funny, playful, sweet, wicked (in a nice way), etc. beyond any descriptions.

  9. Blonde or dark haired, Sukkie is a beautiful person inside and out. I love that he decided to wear those casual and comfortable clothes during the chat. He actually came to the studio in different set of clothes but changed for the broadcast. I can imagine how nervous people would have been to be chatting with him in the black open chested shirt. He wore the sweats and shorts to make everyone, including himself , comfortable. So thoughtful.

    • Rngamefan, yes… I agree with you.. who can stay calm if he wears the black open chested shirt for the chat as they don’t know where to focus ^_^

  10. Dear Sudie, Our Prince is so much more than Troy Donahue, who was a teen idol and tall, 6:4″ ( unfortunately passed away, also way gay…didn’t come out till much later in his career). Our Prince besides being handsome is so multi-faceted….I still feel there are many more sides to Keun Suk-ssi to come. He is quite fascinating.
    Sorry, I haven’t been around much, I will try and fix that…I’m ECI now and have been caught up with the most wonderful sisters…Eels swimming in the pond of love. Talk to you soon.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams.

    • Because kind Farina kept it to me… I just didn’t want to throw away her kindness. Our friendship is forever as my love to him… : )

  11. Can’t live without watching JKS video for a day man! He look cute and handsome. Perfect at all angle. Any idea what’s the brand of his skincare that he’s using?


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