14 thoughts on “[Pics] AP (Asia Prince) SHIBUYA SHOP pre-opened for media_20130527”

  1. 축하! Really wish to come visit your awesome store in Japan and hope some day meet you in person #AP(AsiaPrince)…Loving every single details of the store….N cant wait for the launch of the your next album “Nature Boy” and get a hold of it…당신을 위해 행복….
    愛のたくさんの 🙂

  2. Omendatoh! Kong Xi Kong Xi!Congratulations!
    May your merchandise sell like hot cakes!
    Wish I can visit AP shop asap!

  3. Hi my dear i am so happy when you open new shop. I want to say some thing to you ,,what s your idea about change your hair style? Change ingyour hair color? It will be new change .try it first with computer hair style program ,then make decison .good luck . I cannot connect with your twitter . Have anice days.tahere from Iran,Tehran♡

  4. My dearest prince Jang ,
    I am so much happy knowing that despite of all hardship you faced weeks ago I can still see the beauty of your smile , and your new shop wow! you did it again , I believe that this is another business success for you. You’ve got everything in your life now hope that this is will never last and you can be more and more stronger as before, because being one of the famous stars you can always face difficulties in life life must still go on , if things get hard and rough for you please don’t never give up , be strong hold on to your dreams , cause your friends up there will never draw plans for you without reason and he knows that in every step you make and every road you take he will there to be with you and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams cause God guidance will always be with you Fighting ! we can make it my friend! have faith in your heart that soon you will conquire world 🙂

  5. Hello sunshine!
    Stay bright, stay positive, and keep moving forward.
    Thank you Tenshi for posting such lovely photos.

  6. sorry im not a fan of his blonde hair but i love him…kkkkk…chukahe with your new shop opening!!! wish you all the best suk..for your shop and nature boy album.

  7. Yes, I’m glad he’s smiling (love his smile) but he still kinda looks tired. I guess, with all the traveling around and promotions.

    Also, he definitely looks better with darker hair. This is too blond for him.

    Love the shirt big time, though 🙂


  8. I am not a fan of that long blond hair either, but I must say, in these pictures, he looks like he is really glowing brightly. I know he must be tired from all his activities in the past few days but he doesn’t show it. The ultimate professional, indeed!

  9. i must say he might be more handsome with dark hair but with long hair i think he have to go with this blonde..also to match the album concept too..im ok with that..im not hating it as he is jks..i just prefer asian jks.kkkk..but i have the feeling that he might keep this hair until next year since he will do the cri show with this nature boy theme…so..if he will do a drama this year..should be a period drama with costume..so..he dont need to cut this hair..he can just wear the wig..


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