8 thoughts on “[Fan-cam] JKS arrived at Haneda Airport_20130519”

  1. O MYYYYYYYYYY….he looks perfect today…I did not know he was on the go again..such surprise
    I love the unbutton shirt…o my ol heart can’t take this…

    I love him suit and shirts the most…so dandy!!

  2. Thank you Kaori chan for uploading these Cam-Videos. Soooo many of them!!

    Wowww….. Always love watching JKS Japan Airport Fan-cams…Sukkie is allowed to slowly walk with greeting waving hands and flying kisses to eels. Great FanService!!!!

    The Blue eels are the BEST with their orderly manners. I bet their loud screaming are most sound for Sukkie to hear!! Awesome!!!

    Kyaaaweeee…..Sukkie looks fantastic today!!!! I even love his cutesy baby belly…kkkk


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