3 thoughts on “[Video] GyaO! Jang keun Suk – Nature Boy / Indian Summer”

  1. Love it. You captured the excitement of the drum, the rattles, and all the percussion. I wonder in Nature Boy whether you would add the sweetness of the wooden flute and the loneliness of the animal horn or not. You must have done some research Prince. Good job.

  2. It’s summer time!
    Nature in summer is bursting with life and activity.
    People will spend more time outdoors as the days are longer and weather is warmer!
    Nature Boy JKS comes into the summer season anticipating fun-filled activities all day/night long!
    He brought Pig along, dress-up like native American Indians!lol
    Dancing together ….. swaying together….and JKS toss Pig off his shoulder at the end…so funny!


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